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Alex Lohore Aiming For 170lb Title-Shot After Statement Victory At CW106

Alex Lohore believes that a big performance at tonight’s Cage Warriors 106 will be enough to put him in pole position for a shot at the gold strap next time around.

Lohore, of course, came up short last time around against the surging welterweight champion Nicholas Dalby but now, after a characteristically short lay-off, he is angling towards a victory on the biggest Cage Warriors event of the year.

Da Killa spoke to Pundit Arena in a recent interview and explained how fighting in his own home-city is spurring him on to truly produce the goods when push comes to shove on Saturday night.

“I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to get in there and show my skills. Especially because it’s in London, most of my family are from London and I haven’t fought in London in over a year – exactly six fights, so it’ll be good to be back.

“It’s exciting because I’m coming off of a defeat and I’m really eager to come back and show what I’m really worth, because I’m not really happy with my last performance.

“I think [a win] will be enough to get me straight back up there. I’m expecting to win and make a big statement on the night. My hope is to fight for the title straight away after – depending on what they are offering me – but that’s what I want.

“I like to stay active and my goal is to get back to the title and get my second chance.

Lohore is a man whose experience in the fight-game is plentiful and at this point in his career, his championship mettle has been tested on the BAMMA circuit.

As a former BAMMA welterweight champ, he has proven his ability to perform when it matters most – something that, in his eyes, made his last outing frustrating.

Losing by a fourth-round KO to Cage Warriors champ Nicholas Dalby, Lohore explained how he felt in there on the night.

“Preparation went well, I just think that on the night I just didn’t turn up. It was more of a mental thing. There was a lot of things going on in my head. I’ve managed to get over it now, I understand it better. It’s going to be a lot easier for me to deal with anything.

“That’s the only thing that I feel like I needed to change for that fight. I just needed to be more active on my feet. I was overthinking during that fight.

As an incredibly active fighter – who often competes up to four or five times a year, the decision to get back in there as soon as possible was not one that he had to think especially hard about.

Citing his love for the sport and his desire to right the wrongs of his performance in Denmark as a motive, Alex expressed his excitement for the future.

“Straight away. I love this sport. It’s my life, I’ve put everything into it. I just love and enjoy it man, it’s what I want to do and it’s what I will do until I can’t do it any more.

“So I was eager to get back in straight away so I took a week off and then got back into it.”

“I’m very excited. I’ve seen a lot of improvement in myself, my coaches have also seen a lot of improvement, especially when it comes to my striking. And my grappling, I’ve been getting a lot of my old coaches in to sharpen up some of my old tools.

Aaron Khalid will face off against Alex Lohore on the CW106 prelims, a fight that could well see its winner challenge the divisional champion Nicholas Dalby next time around.

His activity over the years has seen him garner quite a bit of valuable experience and while his resum√© dwarfs Khalid’s in terms of size, he is under no illusions about the danger he will find him in on Saturday night.

With that being said, his confidence in his ability to make a huge statement was pretty impressive.

“At this stage of the game, you can’t underestimate anyone but I’m more experienced than him. I’ve been through many opponents and I’ve got the same, or an even better, skillset that he has. I’m not worried, he’s a good opponent, he’s well-rounded.

“I see this fight going my way in every way. Wherever the fight will go, I will have the advantage. I will win this fight. It’s that simple. If we keep it standing, I’ll have the advantage. If it goes to the ground, I’ll have the advantage.

“Everyone thinks that I’m a striker but my game is really in the grappling. I just like to strike more, I don’t know why. I never really use my grappling. If the fight does come down to the grappling, it will be very comfortable. Trust me, people are going to be shocked.”

We also had the opportunity to speak to light-heavyweight title challenger Modestas Bukauskas ahead of his own Cage Warriors 106 appearance where he will be fighting for the promotional 205lb strap just before the main-card.

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