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Nadia Power on the pressure of being a role model and representing Ireland

Nadia Power

“If I’m a role model, that’s obviously great.”

Ireland middle-distance runner Nadia Power has opened up on what it feels like to represent Ireland on the international level and to serve as a role model for the next generation of athletes.

Power revealed that representing the nation on the world stage “is an honour” for her and added that it is “great” if she is being looked up to by younger athletes as a consequence of her efforts.

Nadia Power

Nadia Power.

Power has been touted as one of the stars of Irish athletics. The 23-year-old took up the sport at her local club, aged eight.

She has represented Ireland at the youth and the Under-20 levels and has gone from strength to strength with each passing year.

Nadia Power

The Dubliner landed her first medal when she clinched the bronze at the Under-23 European Championships in 2019.

Back in February, Power set a new 800m Irish indoor record at the world athletics indoor tour event and looks set to represent Ireland at the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Power: we sometimes lack opportunities.

Speaking at the official launch of Toyota’s Ireland Partnership, Power addressed the media and she was asked if there were any areas where Irish athletics lag behind the competition.

“Yeah, I think just getting our funding in time has been a bit of an issue,” Power replied.

“And yeah, you do have to resort to your own savings and I’m hoping to have (funding) in time for outdoors, so that should pay for camps and my races outdoors.

Nadia Power
Nadia Power, newly announced Toyota ambassador and Irish athlete is pictured as Toyota look forward to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Toyota is a worldwide mobility partner to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Toyota are leaders in mobility and their Start Your Impossible campaign celebrates the best of human performance and can be viewed on

“I think as well because athletics is like a smaller sport in Ireland, so we might not get the same kind of commercial opportunities, so that’s even a reason why I’m delighted (that) someone like Toyota are backing us because maybe in Ireland a lot of the sponsors would immediately think to go for rugby or GAA.

“So, we can kind of lack some opportunities a little bit there so, yeah, it’s tough but I have received a lot of support this year and help from different people.

“I even had a lab reach out to me and offer me free Covid tests! So there’s a lot of good people out there that want to kind of know your story and want to help, so I appreciate that.”

Power was also asked if she ever felt burdened in terms of representing Ireland on the world stage and serving as a role model for younger athletes.

Nadia Power

“No, not at all, it definitely isn’t a burden, surely something like that (representing the country) is an honour,” Power said.

“I don’t think that much into it, to be honest, I’m still just focusing on (running), that’s my own goal, I put more pressure on myself than anyone else could put onto me.

“So, I guess I just focus on that and reaching my goals and you know as a consequence, if I’m a role model, that’s obviously great.”

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