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Limerick Chairman: ‘Markets Field Living And Breathing Again’

Limerick are set to return to the famous Markets Field ground in 2015 after a 31-year wait.

The Blues will host Bohemians on the 7th of March in their first Premier Division clash of the season at the ground, before travelling to Cork City the following week.

Limerick FC’s chairman Pat O’Sullivan expressed his hope that all Shannonsiders rally behind the project at Markets field, when speaking to limerickfc.ie, to make it a success as not only a football ground but a municipal stadium for the people of Limerick.

“The most important part of it from a total Limerick perspective – be it commercial, community, everything – is that the Markets Field now is back up living, breathing again,” O’Sullivan said.

“For that, I have to acknowledge JP McManus. I went to see JP and I talked to him about it. Like he has been for so many people in this city, for all elements of life, he has been very supportive.

“Immediately he agreed because he could see the positivity of it. Along with the Trust and LEDP, led by Gerry Boland and with Keith Wood, we are now pleased to say that Limerick senior soccer is coming back to the Markets Field.

“The club had a problem in the past with its credibility probably. It has been a big problem for people like myself to rebuild that credibility and trust, but I think over the past three or four years we’ve shown that we can deliver and we’ve done that now.

“It will be fantastic to see the Markets Field reopened again for senior soccer, as well as other sports but with Limerick as the main tenant. When I went to JP, I made the point to him that I wanted this place to be a municipal stadium where it could be a catalyst to bring all four corners of Limerick together.

“It’s a huge tool then in improving and eliminating anti-social behaviour and as a community making us much better as people. I’m delighted to see the Markets Field back and I’m delighted that Limerick FC has played a role in making it happen.

“Now, we really do need corporate Limerick and all of Limerick to come behind it. It’s one thing for a small number of people to bring this project to a level but we need to build a new stadium, we need to sustain it and we can only do that by everybody coming in behind it.”

Rob Lyons, Pundit Arena

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