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League Of Ireland Managers Begin Light-Hearted Twitter Feud In Reaction To Gabay Report

The League of Ireland report delivered by professional brand expert Jonathan Gabay on Thursday produced many talking points.

The report, commissioned by the FAI, was supposed to pinpoint what could be improved in order to increase awareness and attendances in the national league.

Instead it led to a social media storm of angry League of Ireland fans, many of whom roundly and mockingly criticised the more outlandish proposals from Gabay.

Among these proposals to what Gabay called “a cool league to follow” were a branded LoI-themed bus that would drive up and down the country to be seen by potential match-goers, arranging FIFA 17 matches at half-time on non-existent giant screens, and for League managers to engage in public feuds in order to drum up controversy and interest.

Managers Stephen Henderson and Collie O’Neill, of Cobh Ramblers and UCD respectively, have been doing their best to start up that last proposal.

Attempting to channel his inner charismatic WWE wrestler, Henderson fired the opening salvo:

O’Neill tried his best to fire some shots right back,

…but it’s patently clear that both of these men need to up their trash-talking game ahead of the new First Division season next year. These feuds won’t start themselves after all.

That said, it seemed to rile Gabay to a large degree…

The strong reaction to the report will undoubtedly give the FAI serious pause for thought in terms of what direction the League needs to go in.

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Author: The PA Team

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