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A League of Ireland Anecdote by Lewis Kenny

Lewis Kenny. Most of you reading may not know who this guy is. But to a League of Ireland fan, he is better known as the Bohemians resident poet. His latest piece about the #GreatestLeagueintheWorld is gaining alot of traction online.

Back in February of this year, Bohemians celebrated their 125th year in existence. Some feat by a League of Ireland club. Lewis has penned a few great lines throughout the season, but the following – is one that, according to himself, has been coming quite a long time.

He begins with the infamous hashtag #GreatestLeagueintheWorld, and follows it with a mighty intro:

Some say Ireland don’t do football leagues,
But if we did, it’d probably be the greatest league in the world.

This greatest League in the world will not have red hot stories
Plastered all over the back of tabloid newspaper pages
But it will have luke warm snapchat scandals
Of players flashing an extra 100e a week in wages

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#GreatestLeagueInTheWorldSome say Ireland don’t do football leagues,But if we did, it’d probably be the greatest…

Posted by Lewis Kenny on Monday, 16 November 2015


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