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Ten Reasons Chris Forrester Is The Irish Zidane

The closest thing we’ve had to Zinedine Zidane in Ireland may have been Zinedine Kilbane, but Chris Forrester is ready to take the crown. Here are ten reasons why Chris Forrester is the Irish Zidane.

1. He shoots when he wants.

2.  He nonchalantly celebrates good goals.

3. He oozes composure.

4. He can do it against the big teams. Check out this rocket against Aberdeen. I don’t remember Zidane doing this against the mighty Dons!

5. He knows when to arrive in the box.

6. His close control is second to none.

7. Goalkeepers forget how to save the ball when he shoots.

And again!

8.  The boy can finish!

And again!

9. Left or right peg, it doesn’t matter.

10. He scored one of the greatest goals in League of Ireland history.

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Maurice Gleeson, Pundit Arena.



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