Gary Breen explains what Aaron Connolly needs to improve in his game

Aaron Connolly

“That’s what you want from him.”

Former Republic of Ireland international Gary Breen has advised Brighton and Hove Albion forward Aaron Connolly to improve on certain aspects of his game.

Breen admitted that he has found it “frustrating” watching Connolly on certain occasions and has advised the 21-year-old to chase balls within the box in anticipation of a goalscoring opportunity.

Breen: ‘That’s something that needs to be addressed.’

Ireland faced off against Serbia on Wednesday in a World Cup qualifying game. While the men in green put up a brave showing, they still ended up with a 3-2 defeat at the Red Star stadium.

Breen discussed the result with Off The Ball and explained that Connolly had to refine certain characteristics of his game.

“Connolly up front, (Callum) Robinson, they give you that mobility certainly,” Breen said.

“But it’s been frustrating at times with Aaron, because there was a ball early on in that first half, it’s (a) lovely ball played down the side by (Jayson) Molumby and he didn’t chase it.

“It wasn’t going out of play, it was always going to make the goalkeeper or the centre-half have to make a decision, which we saw with a minute to go in the game, mistakes can happen.

“He’s looking back at Molumby, the passer, and throwing his arms up and I’m thinking ‘just run around you’.

“And that’s what you want from him, I want that kind of, you know that kind of attitude that he’s got within his game, but I still want him to be chasing down things and I think that’s something that needs to be addressed.”

Breen also expressed his support for Stephen Kenny during the team’s ongoing “difficult” period, saying:

“It is (more positive). Of course, it is. I always want to be that way. I’ve always said that in the difficult times now, I want to be supportive of this manager.”

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