Robbie Keane Kept Doing Tumble Celebration Even Though He Hated It

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Robbie Keane continued doing his iconic celebration even though he absolutely hated it.

Keane has revealed that he was so embarrassed by the cartwheel-tumble-shoot celebration that he would ask Spurs’ goal analyst to remove it from footage of the game that his manager would see when looking back on the match the following Monday.

The Republic of Ireland record goalscorer explained that the only reason he persisted with one of the most memorable goal celebrations in history was due to no more than instinct.

“It was just me,” Keane told Gary Lineker on the MOTD Podcast. “As soon as I scored, everything changed.

“Before I went out, I’d say ‘I’m not going to do that’ but as soon as I’d score, everything completely changes and you forget what’s around you and you just go off on a mad one.”

It has been known for some time that Keane didn’t enjoy looking back on his celebration as his career went on but sprinting into acrobatics simply came naturally to him when he’d find the back of the net.

The former Spurs, Liverpool and Leeds striker explained the origins of the celebration, revealing that it came out of his childhood playing football on the streets of Dublin.

“It’s not a very exciting story,” Keane said. “Just as a kid growing up, I was very skinny and could cartwheel and do flips. I was just messing about on the street just as you do with your friends and then when I started playing football as a kid, one of the lads said ‘If you score on Saturday, do the cartwheel.’ I ended up doing it.

“Then I went to another team and then I went to Wolves. Then a couple of years later, I added a little bit to it – my first ever goal for Wolves was just the cartwheel – then I added the tumble and the slingshot.

“It’s funny because I hate watching that.

“We used to play the games at Tottenham or wherever and I used to go into the analyst guy before and say that the manager on Monday will show the game and would show the goal if I scored.

“I used to go in before anyone else and ‘say take my celebration out, do not put my celebration in’.”

The extensive interview with Gary Lineker saw Robbie Keane reveal the best player he’s ever played alongside as well as the best manager he played under.

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