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James McClean Calls Out Irish Teammates For Lack Of Support

James McClean

James McClean has called out the media, football authorities and his Irish teammates for the lack of support he has received in the wake of the discriminatory abuse he has faced throughout his career in England.

Responding to the recent instances of racial abuse highlighted by Premier League players Wilfried Zaha and David McGoldrick, McClean asked “what is the difference?” between those cases and the abuse he has experienced.

James McClean

In a lengthy post on his personal Facebook page, the Republic of Ireland and Stoke City winger began by hitting out at how the media has treated him.

McClean wrote: “Driving back from training today while listening to TalkSport discussing the vile racist comments this weekend made towards Zaha and McGoldrick on social media, listening to their reaction of disgust at it and rightly so for that matter because it is horrendous and nobody should be subjected to that and people need to be held responsible for their words and actions.

“What leaves a sour taste tho [sic] in my mouth and not only this but with everything else of late, I receive have received more abuse than [any] other player during my 9 years in England wether [sic] that be, death threats, bullets sent in the post, birthday cards, letters etc! This is not a cry for sympathy but one to ask the question what is the difference?

“12 year old boys get arrested for posting racial abuse online to Zaha again rightly so, has anyone ever been held accountable for mines? No!

“Have I ever had any abuse condemned by the media? (Sky Sports, TalkSport, newspapers) No! In fact quite the opposite, the slightest thing that I do that might cause offence to any one is highlighted by them.”

James McClean

McClean then went on to question why some of his international teammates created posts on social media in solidarity with the anti-racist movement yet failed to support him publicly when he felt discriminated against.

He continued: “I have seen some of my fellow Irish team mates post a black square in support of anti racism as well as post condemning the discrimination and AGAIN rightly so! Have I ever seen any of them ever post a public condemnation of the discriminated I get which funnily enough is a discrimination against them also? That would be a no!

James McClean

“Does one kind of discrimination hold a higher bearing over another act of discrimination?

“I would say am confused but that’s the wrong word because confused means not fully understanding something, in this case it’s quite clear!

“‘If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything’.”

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