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Darren Randolph calls for threat to James McClean’s family to be investigated

James McClean

James McClean has taken to social media to hit out at an Instagram user for “crossing the line” with a vile message to the Stoke City and Republic of Ireland winger.

While he claimed that the anti-Irish abuse that he is accustomed to is “water off a duck’s back”, James McClean insisted he would not tolerate the horrific threat to his family that he received on social media.

McClean shared screenshots of the abuse which came just days after the Derryman repeated questions about why anti-Irish discrimination is not taken as seriously as other forms of prejudicial abuse.

McClean wrote: “Right wee dickheads like this, the above abuse fine that’s water off a duck’s back to show their mates ‘aww look at me hard’..

James McClean

“You mention stuff like last message there and anything involving my kids that’s crossing the line and if this wee prick wants to come forward and repeat this to my face honestly god I’d happily slap the head of him.”

McClean’s international teammate Darren Randolph has declared his support for the Stoke player, asking on his Instagram stories if there was “anyone gonna act or look into this?” after sharing McClean’s original post.

James McClean

McClean has recently been dedicating his social media to highlight the abuse he receives on a regular basis as calls for social media platforms to introduce more stringent regulations on those targeting sportspeople with discriminatory messages intensify.

“Banging my head against a brick wall here but look i have been doing that anyways for a long time so one more wont make a difference,” McClean wrote on Friday.

“Soo much coverage this past couple weeks about discrimination and the condemnation of it across media outlets, players, ex players etc which is great to see because its wrong and idiots should be held responsible for their actions and words as no body should be subjected to that.

James McClean

“Make no mistake about it or to take anything away from that but just to pose the question really, racism, gender, ethnic..the list of discrimination that goes on is unacceptable right, my question is here… does being abused for being irish and anti irish abuse acceptable ? Is it not popular enough to be seen to be knowledged or spoke out about too ?

“I have highlighted the abuse publicly on social media recently and the silence from everyone is deafening! If you are offended by me saying that then maybe that tells you something.”

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