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Bellator 217: Live Blog – James Gallagher vs Steven Graham

***Bellator Live Blog refreshes every thirty seconds.***


The story of the night…

  • James Gallagher def Steven Graham via R1 Submission
  • Myles Price def Peter Queally by Split Decision
  • Kiefer Crosbie def Daniel Olejniczak via R1 SUB
  • Charlie Ward shook the world with a ferocious left hand to beat Jamie Stephenson via R1 TKO
  • Richie Smullen def Adam Gustab via UD
  • Paul Redmond def Charlie Leary via UD
  • Richard Kiely def Mickael Bucher via 1st round TKO
  • Will Fleury def Shaun Taylor via R2 RNC
  • Ryan Curtis def Luis Gonzalez via R1 TKO
  • Leah McCourt def Hatice Ozyrut via R1 TKO


And that’s all folks, thank you for a historic night in Irish MMA. The show doesn’t stop now though, keep an eye on Pundit Arena for more MMA action throughout the year.


Result: James Gallagher def Steven Graham via R1 Submission

Mature, dominant, and exhilarating. He’s 22 years old but my God, that was incredible from James Gallagher.

“They said the harshest things I’ve heard in my life. AND I F*CKING CAME BACK!” – James Gallagher


Round 1

Steven ‘Golden’ Graham makes the walk to huge applause from the old man sitting in front of us. Everyone else was either booing or silent.

It’s The Jimmy Show’s time now.

Song choice? Amazing Grace – bagpipe version. Oh wait, it’s mixed with the national anthem and a bass booster that hits harder than Charlie Ward’s left hand.

And finally…….FREED FROM DESIRE! The Jimmy Show is blowing the roof off this place.

Here. We. Go. The Strabanimal is ready.

Graham throws a leg kick instantly, but Gallager catches it and rushes him against the cage . The fight has gone to the floor. Gallagher and Graham are the only two people in the stadium not on their feet.

He tries to brush Gallagher off, but it’s no good, he counters with a choke. Gallagher is in cruise control. He unleashes another few shots, before trying for the choke again. Graham stands up but can’t get Gallagher off his back.

It’s coming, it’s coming. And there it is. Graham falls to his feet and taps!

The Jimmy Show is back babyyyyy!


Main Event: James Gallagher vs Steven Graham

It’s finally time for the main event of the night. The Jimmy Show.

Gallagher endured a crushing upset defeat last time out but has promised that he is a much better fighter this time around, having learned so much from the experience. We spoke to him during the week.


Graham comes into the fight with a 6-3 record, making his Bellator debut. Don’t let that fool you though, he’s on a five-fight win streak having started his career at 1-3. Four of those victories came in the first round, the other coming in the second.

Make no bones about it, this is a difficult challenge for Gallagher.

Result: Myles Price def Peter Queally by Split Decision

First Judge 29-28 to Queally.
Second 29-28 to Price.
Third Judge 29-28 to Price.

Miles Price gets the victory.

Round 3

It all comes down to this. It looks like one round apiece, as we head into the third.

Queally finds himself with his back to the cage again, as Price tries to land a few body shots. Price looks comfortable, but Queally doesn’t look to be in any danger.

Both men are toe-to-toe again, each one throwing wild strikes. 2:30 to go in the final round.

Queally evades the left hand of price and counters with his own rush, but Price has his back now, furiously trying to lock in the rear naked choke. It’s close, but Queally is fighting it. The crowd have gone eerily silent.

0:25 seconds to go.

Ten seconds to go.

A flurry of shots from Price.

The bell rings.

Now, that was a tough one to call. We go to the judges.


Round 2

The round begins with another rush from Price, pushing Queally against the cage. He breaks free but gets caught with a spinning back kick from Price. He’s dangerous, no doubt about it.

Price attacks again, striking Queally, who loses his feet but quickly recovers. This is certainly Price’s round so far.

Queally’s back is against the cage, and Price is starting to find some light underneath his guard. Errant strikes from the last round are landing during this one,

1:45 to go.

Queally breaks free and both men go toe-to-toe. Exchanging hammers. This is incredible. Shot by Queally. Shot by Price. Shot by Queally.

Qually’s got the under-hook, but Price is remaining strong. Ten seconds to go.

Both men open up and trade blows but the bell brings the round to an end. Wow, what a finish we are in for!

Round 1

Myles Price walks out to what can only be called a chorus of boos. And more boos. And more boos. A Kilkenny man hasn’t been booed this much in Dublin since the All Ireland Hurling Final during the ‘drive for five’.

Queally comes out to The Cranberries’ Zombie. And, as expected, the place goes absolutely mental!!! What a reception for ‘The Showstopper’.

The fighters have to be restrained somewhat. Here we go!

Queally immediately swings high, but he’s gobbled up and rushed against the cage by Price. He’s kept against the cage for a short period but wriggles free and immediately starts tagging Price in the centre of the cage. The shots are wild, but they’re working.

Price rushes Queally again, he’s already looking tired. His eye is pretty cut up too, as that right hand of Queally’s starts to get through his guard. Price returns fire with a shot of his own, and the crowd lets out a unanimous “sh*te”.

The Fields of Athenry are now being sung throughout the arena. This is a vocal crowd, and they are hungry for a Queally victory.
The bell goes and Queally can be confident.

“When Price was trying to get Queally down, he was finding it difficult. On the feet, it looks like Queally is the one who poses the real damage.” – Cillian Cunningham.


Fight 14: Peter Queally vs Myles Price

Up next, it’s the grudge match; Queally vs Price. These two just do not like each other, and we are expecting a clash for the ages.

To say Queally dislikes Price would be an understatement. He detests him. Particularly considering Price decided he would take part in Khabib Nurmagomedov’s camp for the Conor McGregor fight. Treachery such as that is inexcusable, according to Queally.

This should be a good’n.

“As John Kavanagh said, this is the biggest fight in Irish MMA history. I’d definitely agree. It’s different to all the others, this is personal. There’s a bit of needle in it.” – Oisin McQueirns.



Bellator have confirmed they are coming back to Dublin later this year.


Result: Kiefer Crosbie def Daniel Olejniczak via R1 SUB

The streak continues. Phenomenal! Crosbie goes to 6-0, and the Irish streak of winners hits eight in a row for tonight.

“Let’s talk about this crowd. What’s up Dublin! We are the best fans in the world pound for pound. ” – Kiefer Crosbie


Round 1

The Big Daddy has arrived! He takes one look at the crowd before entering the cage, pumps his chest, and enters for war.

And we’re off! Olejniczak looks loose. He’s all action and rushes forward.

Crosbie keeps the distance, rolls with a leg kick and pushes him to the ground. It’s fast, its frenetic, it’s what we’ve come to expect from a BDK fight.

“Kiefer! Kiefer! Kiefer!: The shouts ring through the 3Arena.

Crosbie has him opressed ahainst the cage but they break. And then bang!

Shots unload. Crosbie catches him twice. Olejniczak is in trouble now and tries to rush him. It’s no good. The fight is only going one way.

Crosbie locks in the RNC and it’s all over. Olejniczak taps. Crosbie moves to 6-0 and the crowd goes wild!


Fight 13: Kiefer Crosbie vs Daniel 

Up next we have one of SBG’s most exciting fighters. When Kiefer Crosbie enters the cage, you can expect a war. Big Daddy has promised a fight to remember, so let’s hope he delivers. With John Kavanagh, Lee Hammond and Cian Cowley in his corner, this is not one to miss.

Crosbie currently sits at 5-0, and was victorious last time out on his Bellator debut. Another victory tonight and he will have the entire 170 lb welterweight division on notice.

“That makes it seven Irish wins in a row!” – Cillian Cunningham

Result: Richie Smullen def Adam Gustab via UD

A dominant performance for Richie Smullen after a difficult year. The entire crowd enjoyed that one. He moves to 4-1-1.

“I had a good fight. With no disrespect I should have finished that…Baby I’m back!” – Richie Smullen


Round 3

Gustab has really gone for it at the start of the third, but Smullen returns with some fire of his own. Smullen even begins to showboat and the crowd love it. Gustab knows he’s behind on the cards.

Smullen in control again, he has rarely looked troubled. He’s trying to lock in the rear naked choke, it’s nearly there, but Gustab escapes. Smullen is on top, throwing a couple of shots, but still can’t break through. He’s winning for sure, but as the clock ticks on, there’s always a danger.

Ten seconds to go. Crowd on their feet. Olés ring out.

It’s going to a decision, but there’s only one winner here!


Round 2

Gistab has started this round the stronger of the two, firing off two strong right hands, but Smullen shoots for the takedown once more.

Both are back on their feet now, joining the crowd who continue to cheer. Smullen regains control, on top of Gustab and kneeing him in the chest, but Gustab doesn’t look too worried. He’s calm throughout, potentially biding his time for an opportunity.

Smullen continues to exert all of the pressure, trying to wear Gustab down, but he remains untroubled on bottom.

Smullen tries to unleash a strong right, but it’s blocked once again. He’s throwing all the punches, but not much is getting through. Fifteen left in the second.
Looks like we’re going to a third. Smullen in control, but in truth, neither fighter have really troubled the other too much.

“Solid control from Richie, he dominated the round, but there wasn’t too much action.” – Cillian Cunningham


Round 1

Gustab enters to a strange mix of what appears to be loud shouting dubbed over 90s electro funk. Oh yeah, and boos. Plenty of those.

Richie Smullen, as expected, enters to a standing ovation and ‘The Rocky Road To Dublin’. It sounds like everybody in Arklow is here tonight.

The fighters decide not to touch gloves, and we are off!

Gustab has his guard up and blocks a Smullen kick, but Smullen shoots and slams him to the ground. The Olés have really started now. Smullen is on top, and looks to be relaxed, biding his time. Gustab looks in real trouble on bottom, and is trying to lock in Smullen’s leg.

Smullen has his back now, and continues to strike with the right hand, interchanging between the body and the side of the head, but Gustab’s rearguard holds firm. With a minute to go, Smullen remains in control.

The bell rings, and it’s one nil Smullen.

“Smullen in cruise control in that round. Never looked troubled. This crowd wants a finish.” – Richard Barrett


Fight 12: Richie Smullen vs Adam Gustab

Richie Smullen is one of the most likeable characters on the Irish MMA scene and we expect a thunderous reception when he makes the walk to the cage in ten minutes. With a pro record of 3-1-1, Smullen is making his eagerly anticipated Bellator debut.

A sleeping giant in terms of global potential, this is Smullen’s chance to send a message to the world.


Result: Charlie Ward def Jamie Stephenson via R1 TKO

That was insane. A 0:34 knockout.

“Why the fuck wasn’t I on the main card?” – Charlie Ward


Round 1

Another hometown favourite, Ward gets an incredible reception from the crowd. From Mountmellick to Dublin, expect to hear the cheers if he can get the win tonight.

Here we go!



One of THE most ferocious left hands we have ever witnessed puts this content to bed. Incredible from Charlie Ward!


Fight 11: Charlie Ward vs Jamie Stephenson

The last time Charlie Ward fought at an Irish Bellator event a certain Conor McGregor jumped into the cage. Will we see a repeat tonight?

Result: Paul Redmond def Charlie Leary via UD

Whoa, did this place erupt! A unanimous decision. Paul Redmond sends the crowd wild! Charlie Leary is visibly angered, but it won’t matter. What a victory!


“The last round was definitely Redmond’s, the second round was clearly Leary’s. This will be close.”  – Cillian Cunningham.


Round 3

“Leary could be ahead on the cards so don’t be surprised to see Redmond do everything he can to submit him.” – Richard Barrett

Redser starts the round like he finished the last, shooting for a takedown. These energy-sapping moves are starting to make progress though, and he’s currently on top.

He’s trying to lock in the choke, but Leary is resilient keeps him at bay. Redser is on Leary’s back, edging closer and closer to a choke.

He’s now using that right hand, striking Leary on the side of the head, trying to create any little opening to lock in the choke.

This could go to the wire. 1:25 to go! This is Redser’s round, but will it be enough?

Leary wriggles free and gets back on top. Thirty seconds to go.

The clock winds down and we go the judges’ scorecards once more. This will be close.


Round 2

Leary begins the round strongly and fires a knee at Redser’s head. Literally millimetres away from a big connection, but Redser was too fast. He does well to get back to his feet.

Redser continues to shoot for the takedown with every opportunity, obviously confident of his ability to dominate Leary on the mat.

Leary is beginning to open up now, making contact with a right hook, followed by an uppercut. He’s not getting through fully, but he’s definitely causing problems for Redser.

Both men are back omn their feet as we approach the final minute of the round. But Redser shoots again and this time takes Leary to the ground.


Round 1

Redmond will be buoyed by the home crowd. What a reception. He is loving it. With a record of 14-8, he is one of the most experienced guys on the card.  A huge night in store. But his opponent is 15-9-1 and he’ll have experienced it all too.

The choruses of Olé have begun again.

Redser immediately looks in control and slams Leary to the ground. He’s on bottom, but looks to have control.

Both men are back on their feet. Redser shoots for the takedown but it’s blocked. Wait, Redser ends up on Leary’s back. He’s in control and starts to use the heel kick to the body.

He’s now trying to lock in the triangle, but it’s no use.

Round over.


Fight 10: Paul Redmond vs Charlie Leary

What a reception for Paul ‘Redser’ Redmond. The crowd are on their feet as he marches out to the sound of Oasis.

As you were PA x


And now James Gallagher has entered the building. He’s cageside, sporting a yellow hoody and some questionable glasses. He’s even busted our a few moves as he takes time to capture some pictures with fans.

Result: Richard Kiely def Mickael Bucher via 1st Round TKO

That was an exceptional fight and finish by Richard ‘The Face of Bellator’ Kiely. Wow, just wow.

Round 1

Kiely in the pink shorts comes out swinging. John Kavanagh is in his corner, as relaxed as ever. A grapple immediately ensues, and Kiely gets out of it. He predicted a head kick KO prior to the fight, so let’s see if he’s right.

Bucher takes a shot and stumbles to the floor.  It seemed like more of a fall than a knockdown though, and Kiely refrains from jumping on top.

Both men are swinging wildly, leaving them exposed, but a fully clean shot has yet to land and/or cause damage.

Until now!

Kiely lets rips, smashing Bucher. But then Bucher comes fighting back and catches him flush on the cheek. This is an all-out war!

Kiely unleashes a stunning overhand right and it’s lights out! This show is over!

Richard Kiely with a devestating win!


Fight 9: Richard Kiely vs Mickael Bucher

‘The Face Of Bellator’ Richard Kiely gets ready to make his promotional debut in a showdown that will answer a lot of questions that have surrounded his career since he made the transition to MMA from kickboxing three fights ago.


Result: Walter Gahadza by first-round TKO.

‘The Sniper’ moves to 18-3 with an incredibly powerful display against a very tough opponent.


Round 1

Gahadza comes out throwing some serious heat – tagging his man early but even still, it is Crawford smiling whilst applying pressure.

There is some serious power on show here, folks.

Gahadza then cracks him with a MASSIVE head-kick – ending the fight with follow-up strikes.


Fight 8: Walter Gahadza vs Ruben Crawford

Two of the fighters in possession of two of the most impressive records on this card will throw down as Walter Gahadza gets in there with Ruben Crawford – who fights out of Dublin – in the next preliminary bout.


Result: Ryan Curtis def Luis Gonzalez by 1st Round TKO

A dominant performance from the fan favourite. 5-1 now.


Round 1

“Olé! Olé! Olé!” is ringing out throughout Dublin’s 3Arena. Paddy Holohan enters the arena too, and more cheers ensure.

Here we go!

A tight exchange, but out of nowhere Chaos Curtis unleashes a wicked knee straight to the face of Gonzalez and knocks him to the floor. What a shot!

And again, Curtis unleashes a flurry of shots. This time with his fists. Gonzalez looks dead on his feet, but the referee lets it continue.

Fantastic determination shown by Gonzalez but he’ll do well to last the round. This is DOMINANT by Curtis.

Kicks, knees, jabs, hooks, elbows. He’s giving him everything, but Gonzalez won’t stay down.

Another volley of shots and, with one second to go in the first, the referee calls it to a halt. What a performance by Ryan ‘Chaos’ Curtis!


Fight 8: Ryan Curtis vs Luis Gonzalez

This should be a belter of a fight, with Ryan ‘Chaos’ Curtis fans making themselves heard already. He got the loudest cheer at the weigh-in and it’s no different tonight. We expect big things from the ‘Chaos Cartel’ as they’re called.

Gonzales’ reception? Not the loudest as you can imagine.

Curtis hasn’t fought in eighteen months, a huge night for the 4-1 flyweight.


Result: Leah McCourt def Hatice Ozyurt by TKO on the advice of the cageside physician.

But wait, the referee calls for a stoppage after the bell. It looks like there was an issue with one of Ozyurt’s eyes. Or nose. Or both. We’re cageside and that one was still difficult to call!

Okay, they’re telling us it was on the advice of the cageside physician. Leah McCourt moves to 2-1.

Round 1

They touch gloves and we’re off. McCourt has a height advantage of five inches, but she’ll be well aware of the dangers posed by her more experienced Turkish opponent.

McCourt takes Ozyurt to the ground, and finds an opening. Ground and pound time!

But Ozyurt, despite taking some serious hits to the face, finds a way out and back to her feet.


McCourt is back on top, unleashing strike after strike. Surely there’s no escape this time?

McCourt goes for the armbar, bur almost falls into the clutches of a rear naked choke following a fantastic reversal by Ozyurt. McCourt then counters with a leg lock, but the bell rings. What a round!


Fight 7: Leah McCourt vs Hatice Ozyurt

Up next, it’s Leah McCourt from Belfast, fighting out of Owen Roddy’s SBG Charlestown. She faces Hatice ‘The Turkish Delight’ Ozyurt. McCourt a highly rated 26-year-old, whose record of 1-1 doesn’t tell the true story of her talents, looks in phenomenal shape. Her opponent sits at 2-6.

McCourt walks out to raucous applause. She’s one of our own, one fan screams.


Results: Olga Rubin def Iony Razafiarison via UD.


Round 3

Olga Rubin begins to unload some shots, but Iony Razafiarison shows good defence to evade them all.

2:50 to go and it’s still anyone’s fight. Brad Pickett the loudest person in the arena at the moment, willing Rubin on.

And the bell rings, as we head to the judges for the decision.

It’s surely only a matter of time!

Round 2

Both fighters very evenly matched, with little happening to report about.

Oisin and Cillian just spoke to Will Fleury backstage, who said he was listening to trad music and punching the wall before his fight. A recipe for success!

Many people have no doubt spent Saturday nights listening to trad music and punching walls too, but none will have been like Will Fleury’s Bellator 217 experience. On to the next one!


Here are the celebrations from Will FLeury from earlier. He enjoyed that one!


Fight 6: Olga Rubin vs Iony Razafiarison

Round 1

A cautious start to this one from both fighters. Exchanging leg kicks, but no real penetration as of yet. The entire fight has been a stand up duel, but little to know shots getting through yet.

All of a sudden, huge body slam from Razafiarison and the crowd awakens from their slumber.


Result: Will Fleury def Shaun Taylor via R2 RNC

“I’m the best middleweight in Ireland by a distance, I want to prove I’m the best in Europe.” – Will Fleury

The crowd are on their feet! What a victory for Will Fleury!


Round 2

Round 2 begins with a little dance from Fleury. He’s enjoying this, but maybe Coach Kavanagh won’t. Don’t be wasting that energy!

Fleury unleashes a ‘Fleury’ of punches but Taylor refused to drop.

There’s a big opportunity for Fleury. He locks in the rear naked choke, that’s it! Taylor has tapped.

Fleury moves to 5-1!


Round 1

Fleury is fighting out of the red corner and advances first. He’s in fantastic condition and immediately starts working the elbows to the body, as Taylor shoots for the takedown.

A bit of confusion ensues as the referee steps in, but after a few seconds, we’re back in business. Fleury shows good defence and counters a dangerous Taylor left with a takedown.

Fleury’s jab is starting to get through, as he catches Taylor clean. Fleury well on top now!

The crowd are on their feet.

“Take your time. That’s a lot of energy spent there.” John Kavanagh shouts.

That left is causing serious problems for Taylor, with Fleury tagging him with three in a row.

A hugely positive round from Fleury. He’ll be happy with that.


Fight 5: Will Fleury vs Shaun Taylor

The biggest cheer of the night so far is reserved for Will Fleury. Fighting out of SBG, but hailing from Tipperary, he skips out with a tricolour and the Premier County flag draped around his shoulders.

As expected, huge boos for Shaun ‘The Disgrace’ Taylor. Apologies but this is Fleury country!


Result: Alfie Davis def Danielle Scatizzi by UD.

The winner by unanimous decision is Alfie Davis.

Round 3

Here we go. Let’s see if that kick left any lingering effects. A shout of ‘Forza Italia’ comes from the nosebleeds.

Scatizzi shoots for another takedown, but again Alfie Davis shrugs it off. Scatizzi continues to move forward.

Davis is starting to come forward a bit now and counters a spinning kick from Scatizzi, landing on top. This could go to the judges.

Scatizzi eats another Davis kick but returns with some fire of his own.

The bell rings and we have our first decision of the night.

“Good fight that provided a bit of everything. Multi-faceted skills on show from both fighters, but I think alfie Davis could get the decision.” – Cillian Cunningham.


Round 2

Davis starts the second strongly, blocking a takedown attempt and returning fire with a spinning heel kick to the thigh. Scatizzi is taking some tough shots to the legs and looks tired.

Davis begins to take control again, unleashing kick after kick to the Italian’s body.

As expected, he shoots for the takedown again, but Davis stands strong and eventually breaks free. He wants to force the stand-up.

Scatizzi is very much the aggressor, but Davis has countered with some excellent body shots. Scatizzi shoots for another takedown, but can’t get him down. The Briton showing some strong takedown defence.

POW! Right on the bell, Davis lands with a spinning heel kick to the face. Scatizzi just shrugs it off. The SBG fighter is willing the crowd on in support.


Round 1

A chorus of boos welcomes Londoner Alfie Davis to Dublin, but he doesn’t seem to mind. He’s too busy dancing.

Scatizzi shoots for the takedown at the first opportunity and immediately forces Davis against the cage.

The crowd have decided to send a tribute to Ric Flair, who celebrated his surprise 70th last night, with a chorus of “woooos”!

The entire arena is now screaming ‘woo’.

The slobber knocker we expected has yet to come to fruition, as both fighters grapple for control against the cage.

Davis breaks free and the stand up threaten to begin, but ‘Scat’ shoots again and round one comes to a close.


Fight 4: Alfie Davis vs Danielle Scatizzi

Alfie Davis (10-3) takes on Danielle Scatizzi of Rome (9-4) in the fourth fight of the night. Davis has a two-inch height advantage, with five of his ten victories coming by way of KO. Five of Scatizzi’s nine victories have come by way of KO. We expect a slobber knocker.

Alfie dances his way into the cage. The boy looks relaxed!



Result: Chris Duncan def Sam Slater by TKO in Round 1.

Round 1

Slater is rocked immediately but stays on his feet.

“Keep going if you’re going. Take the grip.” Kavanagh shouts to Slater.

Duncan has a five-inch height advantage, but only one inch reach advantage. This will be a challenge.

The pair are exchanging kicks, Slater getting more comfortable as the fight continues. Duncan looks dangerous, however. Slater catches Duncan flush with a right hook, but Duncan doesn’t even flinch.

Slater is the more aggressive, but Duncan is finding a way through more often than not. Duncan catches him clean with a left jab, and Slater stumbles back onto the cage. He’s visibly shaken, a huge opportunity for Duncan.

And the referee steps in. That’s it. Duncan moves to 4-0.

“Huge blow for Sam Slater, but Duncan looks a real talent.” – Oisin McQueirns

Fight 3: Sam Slater vs Chris Duncan

Sam Slater is up next and it’s evident a huge crowd from Clare have made the trip to Dublin to support the 24-year-old. He faces Chris Duncan from Scotland.

Slater boasts a record of 2-0, while Duncan sits at 3-0.

Richard: “Somebody’s 0 has got to go!”

What a reception for Slater. He’s got a big reputation and this has the makings of a great fight.


Fight 2: Dylan Logan vs Andrew Murphy

Round 1

Complete and utter dominance from Dylan Logan thus far. Coach John Kavanagh is manning his corner.

He’s locked in the armbar. This looks dangerous for Murphy!

Fantastic maturity shown by Logan as Kavanagh embraces him in the centre of the cage. Superb back control throughout, before transitioning his position into the armbar.

Result: Dylan Logan def Andrew Murphy via 1st Round Submission


Result: George Courtney def Ian Cleary via 3rd Round Submission

George Courtney locks in the submission early in the third, and Cleary taps. Courtney moves to 1-0 after a determined victory on his pro debut.

Round 3

This is starting to turn into a real knock, with the fight yet to go to the floor. Cleary has his back to the cage and finally the grappling begins.

Cleary is on top mount. This could be it. A real opportunity, but the round finishes. Cillian Cunningham gives it to Cleary.

Round 2

First fight up is Ian ‘Concrete’ Cleary, who walks out to the iconic Irish song ‘Grace’ mixed with ‘Freed From Desire’, the 90s cult dance classic. Owen Roddy mans his corner.

His opponent ‘Gorgeous’ George Courtney, making his pro debut.

Round 1

Fight 1: Ian Cleary vs George Courtney

We’re live at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland for a whopper night in mixed martial arts as Bellator 217 rolls into town.

You’re live with the Pundit Arena MMA team for the night of Cillian Cunningham, Oisin McQueirns, and Richard Barrett.