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Recalling the most memorable Masters outfits of all time

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A Masters tournament unlike any other kicks off in Augusta on Thursday.

After a seven-month delay, the world’s leading golfers will battle it out for the Green Jacket in the first Masters tournament to ever take place in November.

While attention at the Masters is always firmly on the action and the leaderboard, it’s often hard to ignore the fashion that accompanies one of golf’s biggest events.

Golfers tend to go for more formal and muted looks at Augusta compared to other tournaments but through the years, there have been those who couldn’t help but stand out from the crowd.

In honour of the tournament kicking off this week, we are looking back at some of the most memorable outfits from the Masters.


Rickie Fowler –  2013 Masters

Rickie Fowler is known as one of the most eccentric dressers currently on the international golf stage.

The Californian has carved out a tradition of wearing orange outfits on the final day of tournaments in tribute to his Alma Mater, Oklahoma State University. While recently this has consisted of orange t-shirts or orange stripes, in 2013 the then 25-year-old took it to the extreme with a memorable all-orange ensemble on the final day of the competition.



Payne Stewart – 1993 Masters

No such list would be complete without the late Payne Stewart who has often been voted one of golf’s most iconic and memorable dressers.

The three-time Major Championship winner was often seen donning his trademark ‘plus fours’ during tournaments. They were always paired with flamboyant long socks and a flat cap.

It was not hard to miss Stewart at the 1993 tournament, where he finished inside the top 10, when he wore his usual attire in a blindingly bright yellow colour.



John Daly – 1995 Masters

From his extravagant colour pallet to his vast array of bizarre patterns, John Daly’s golf fashion will go down in history.

It may be 18 years since he last made the cut at the Masters tournament but Daly’s outfits are just as memorable to this day. Golfers usually choose to tame their looks when it comes to Augusta and by his standards, that is exactly what the American did in 1995, though it was still enough to draw the eye.

Daly’s pink, purple, black and blue patterned t-shirt matched with bright blue trousers certainly turned heads on day one of the tournament in which he finished T45.


Ian Poulter – 2005 Masters

Ian Poulter’s various outfits at the Masters through the years almost deserve a list of their own. The statement dresser is well known for his love of tartan trousers while his hair has often been more eccentric than his clothes.

In 2005, the English man combined an orange polo neck t-shirt with black trousers embellished with an orange stripe. If that wasn’t enough to catch the eye, he matched his orange-striped shoes to his trousers.

The same year, Poulter took the formal attire note to heart, sporting a dickie bow during the practice round while he also took a page out of Payne Stewart’s book.



Tiger Woods -1997 Masters

Like Fowler, Tiger Woods has his own traditional colour for the final round of every tournament in which he plays.

Dating back to his college days, the 15-time Major winner has donned red and has stuck with the colour out of superstition. In 1997, Woods was wearing a now-iconic red jumper as he won his first Masters tournament in Augusta.

Given his success, it is no wonder that he continues to wear red. Will it be his lucky colour this week?


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