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“My Name Is Going To Be There Forever – That Can Never Be Taken Away From Me”

“It’s a bit surreal, the last 48 hours have been a bit surreal.” 

There’s no other way to describe what Shane Lowry has experienced in the last two days.

Since winning his first-ever major title on Sunday evening at Royal Portrush on the Antrim coast, the Offaly man has been the talk of the country.

The 32-year-old put on a stunning showing over four days to win the Open Championship by six shots and he is deservedly enjoying the celebrations that come with it.

Shane Lowry

“I think when it all settles down at the end of the week and I get to watch the golf back and look at what’s happened, it will start to sink in properly then,” Lowry said.

“It’s amazing, I can’t believe how lucky I am that it has happened to me. That’s kind of the way I feel.”

Irish, British and international media were all in attendance today in Dublin city centre, desperate to speak to the Championship golfer, such is his popularity and the scale of his achievement.

Shane Lowry

He’s yet to truly process what happened on Sunday but he may get an idea when 20,000 people turn out to welcome him in his hometown of Clara later this evening.

Supporters will not only be keen to congratulate Lowry but there will also be a clamour to get their hands on the infamous Claret or ‘Clara’ Jug.

“I can’t stop looking at it (Claret Jug), it’s hard to believe. There are names from the 1800s on that, it’s just such an iconic piece…it’s unbelievable that it’s in my house and my name is on it and my name is going to be there forever. That can never be taken away from me.”

Shane Lowry

Lowry admits that after a hectic two days of celebrations, he is really excited about the prospect of returning home to his family and friends.

“I’m looking forward to going home and seeing the people that I want to see. Where I’m from, there are obviously a couple of golf courses around, but who ever thought there would be an Open champion going home to Clara?

“It’s incredible when you even think about it and to see all my friends and what it means to them. Where we’re from GAA is huge and I’ve been lucky enough to watch Offaly win an All-Ireland. To hear people tell me that this is even more special to them is just incredible.”

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