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American Golfer DeChambeau Facing Investigation For Using Compass

Bryson DeChambeau faces an investigation following his apparent use of a compass during the Travellers Championship over the weekend.

The American golfer who is nicknamed “The Mad Scientist” has been informed by referees that he is under investigation for using the geometrical device.

DeChambeau stated he uses the compass to determine “true pin locations,” noting that they are off every so often. The 24-year-old remarked he’s been using the tool in tour events since 2016.

“People are saying it’s an unusual device, that’s at least what the tour’s saying.

“It’s funny people take notice when you start playing well.

“They said we just want to let you know we’re investigating this device and seeing if it’s allowable or not,” DeChambeau said following a two-under 68 on Sunday. “It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened.”

The former US Amateur champion is well known for his unorthodox and sometimes overly analytical approach to the game.

He famously has the shafts on all his irons cut to exactly the same length – 37½ins, the proximate length of a seven-iron, and last year was investigated by the USGA for his “side-saddle” method of putting which he eventually stopped employing.

The former US Amateur champion will undoubtedly be a character to look out for at this year’s Open Championship.

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