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Rory McIlroy responds after former Open champion accuses him of lacking determination


Rory McIlroy has responded after former Open champion Tom Weiskopf accused the four-time major winner of lacking determination.

Speaking to Golfweek, Weiskopf said he believed golf is ‘something just for Rory to do’ while comparing McIlroy unfavourably to Tiger Woods.

“I’ve said it for a while now that I don’t think he’ll win much more than the four he’s got or maybe five because I don’t see that determination and will to be the best,” said Weiskopf, who won the 1973 Open Championship.

“I don’t know what it is. Maybe the way he interviews. I don’t see any frustration. Life is good and it should be – he’s a multi, multi-millionaire and has a kid now – but I don’t see the Tiger attitude.


“It’s like he’s satisfied all the time. The guy is not a good putter. He can hit some putts so off line with the wrong speed. He’s technically not a good putter but one of the purest swings you’d ever want to watch play in the game.”

Weiskopf, 78, admitted that he himself lacked the ‘passion or the effort’ to live up to expectations of him having been dubbed ‘the next Jack Nicklaus’ during his career.

Weiskopf famously skipped the 1977 Ryder Cup in order to go on a hunting trip.

When asked by Golfweek for his response, McIlroy said he felt it wasn’t a ‘fair assessment’.

“I’ve never met Tom Weiskopf in my life, he’s never met me,” said McIlroy.

“So he’s obviously making a statement based on what he sees from the outside, but I don’t think that’s a fair assessment.

“I’ve shown throughout my career that I care, that I want to win, that I want to be the best. And I’ve been the best.

“It’s not as if I’m out there in the clouds and not thinking about it. I try my heart out on every single shot, every single tournament that I play.

“I maybe deal better with disappointment than I used to. I saw the interview where he said he sees no frustration.

“Like, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I mean, look at the Zozo. I’m breaking clubs, so there’s a bit of frustration there. Obviously, he didn’t watch that round of golf.”

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