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Leaked clip shows Bryson DeChambeau interrupting Brooks Koepka’s interview

Koepka DeChambeau

Brooks-Bryson paired at the US Open? We’d like to see it.

An unaired clip from a Golf Channel interview with Brooks Koepka from last week’s PGA Championship has made its way online.

Granted, interviews with the four-time major winner are rarely interesting – he often seems aloof, disinterested and unnecessarily blunt – but this little nugget is worth watching, especially for those of you who are aware of Koepka’s previous with Bryson DeChambeau.

In the clip, Koepka is conducting a post-round interview with the Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis (judging by Koepka’s get-up, it seems to have taken place after Friday’s second round at Kiawah Island).

The interview begins like any other…

“What were you able to do well and put up that nice number,” asks Lewis.

Koepka, who seemed to be distracted before Lewis asked the question, responded: “I just ball struck my way around this place.

“I didn’t putt well but I don’t think many guys are going to putt well in this wind. It’s very tough.

“I don’t know what the other guys have said but I found it difficult to read sometimes…”

Koepka irritated after DeChambeau interrupts interview.

Which is where DeChambeau came in.

The US Open champion walked straight past Koepka as he was giving his interview. While it’s not clear what DeChambeau was saying (it may have also been the sound of DeChambeau’s spikes scraping the ground as he trudged past Koepka), it clearly irked his compatriot.

“I fucking lost my train of thought hearing that bullshit,” he said. “Fucking Christ.’

When Lewis joked that the TV compound would have enjoyed that little moment, Koepka responded by saying, “I honestly wouldn’t even care”.

Koepka and DeChambeau have clashed in the past. In early 2020, DeChambeau spoke about Koepka’s physique after the two-time US Open champion appeared on the front cover of ESPN’s The Body Issue.

“I don’t know if his genetics even make him look good, to be honest. I mean, the Body Issue, he didn’t have any abs, I can tell you that. I’ve got some abs,” DeChambeau said on a Twitch stream in January 2020.

It prompted the below tweet from Koepka, who showed off his major collection.

The pair have also had their differences regarding pace of play. Koepka has been vocal about slow play in the past while DeChambeau is regarded as one of the more deliberate players on tour.

Speaking to Golf Digest in 2019, Koepka explained his rationale: “I just don’t understand how it takes a minute and 20 seconds, a minute and 15 to hit a golf ball; it’s not that hard.

“It’s always between two clubs; there’s a miss short, there’s a miss long. It really drives me nuts especially when it’s a long hitter because you know you’ve got two other guys or at least one guy that’s hitting before you so you can do all your calculations; you should have your numbers.”

Koepka finished in a tie for second at the PGA Championship, two shots behind Phil Mickelson. DeChambeau was a little further down in a tie for 38th.

The US Open is just a few weeks down the line. If these two are paired together, expect tension.

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