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‘Golf is so far from the equation’ – Rory McIlroy sends best wishes to Tiger Woods


Rory McIlroy has sent Tiger Woods his best wishes after the American golfer suffered serious injuries in a car crash.

Woods underwent emergency surgery after suffering “significant injuries” to his right leg, which required rods, screws and plates to help his recovery.

The 15-time Major winner faces several months of rehabilitation at the least before returning to the golf course, with McIlroy telling Sky Sports that people shouldn’t be focusing on Woods’ career.

“He’s not Superman. He’s a human being at the end of the day, and he’s already been through so much,” McIlroy said.

“At this stage I think everyone should just be grateful that he’s here, that he’s alive, that his kids haven’t lost their dad. That’s the most important thing.

“Golf is so far from the equation right now, it’s not even on the map at this point. He’s here, he’s fine, he’s got some pretty bad injuries, but he’s going to be okay.

“I was looking at some of the coverage yesterday and they were talking as if he was gone. It’s like, he was in a car crash. It was really bad, he’s very fortunate to be here, which is great, but I mean, that’s the extent of it.”


‘One day he won’t be a part of it’

It’s too early to say if Woods, 45, will be able to return to professional golf after this latest injury setback.

While the Northern Irishman stated he would like to see Woods return, he was confident that the golf legend would continue to positively influence the sport even if his playing days are over.

“I think we were all sort of heading towards that day that Tiger wasn’t going to be a part of the game,” McIlroy commented.

“I’m not saying that that was soon. Before this accident, he was rehabbing a back injury and hopefully going to come back and play this year.


“But it’s inevitable that one day he won’t be a part of it, and that’s going to be just something that the game of golf and the Tour is going to have to deal with and adapt to.

“Obviously, we hope he comes back and is able to play, but if he’s not, I think he’ll still be a part of the game in some way, whether it’s obviously his design business and his foundation and hosting golf tournaments.

“It may be the end of seeing the genius at work with a club in his hand, but there’s still a lot of other ways that he can affect the game in a great way.”

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