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Watch: Phil Mickelson Hits Moving Ball At U.S. Open, Scores 10 On A Par Four

Phil Mickelson’s apparent fit of pique led to a sextuple bogey 10 on Saturday as the five-time major winner hit a moving ball with his putter in the third round of the US Open.

It was a childish display from a five-time major winner celebrating his 48th birthday.

When a putt at the 13th hole at Shinnecock Hills rolled past the cup and began slipping down a slope, Mickelson trotted over and batted it back toward the hole before the ball had stopped.

With the penalty he racked up a sextuple bogey 10 at the par-four hole — although it took some minutes for the scoreboard to catch up with him.

His score at 13 was first posted as an eight, then a nine and finally a 10 that left him 10-over for his round and 16-over for the tournament.

A rules official explained the situation to Sarah Stirk of Sky Sports, and while he dodged the question on whether Mickelson could be disqualified for the bizarre act, instead reiterating the two-stroke penalty, he refused to comment on whether further sanction could be taken towards the birthday boy.



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Author: Chris Kelleher

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