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Watch: British Golf Writer Skewers ‘Silly Ass’ Phil Mickelson For Putt Debacle

The reaction of some to Phil Mickelson setting the golfing world ablaze with his deliberate rule breaking is one of – who cares?

Mickelson was nowhere near contending for the U.S. Open when he scored a sextuple bogey 10 on the 13th hole yesterday, and did exploit a loophole of the sometimes archaic rules of golf when incurring a two shot penalty rather than face a worse score after a woeful putt.

For the purists, however, the unexpected move to putt a moving ball from one of golf’s greatest ambassadors was a stain on the game, with many calling for the five-time major winner to be disqualified or to withdraw from the event.

While it won’t affect the outcome of the tournament, those at the lower end of the leaderboard are still competing for world ranking points, prize money, and Ryder Cup points. That the rules of the game were used deliberately to circumvent regular play has caused much consternation, even among fellow players.

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His unapologetic attitude (though he did issue an apology of sorts while telling those offended to ‘toughen up’) hasn’t endeared him to the critics, foremost of those being British golf writer John Hopkins, who didn’t hold back in his assessment of Mickelson’s actions while speaking to FOX Sports’ Holly Sonders.

“I think he was a chump”, Hopkins stated bluntly, via Brendan Porath of SB Nation. “In Britain, we would call him an ass. A silly ass.”

“What worries me more is that he shows little contrition. He doesn’t look to me like he realises what has happened and how he’s offended so many people.”

Far from backing down on his defensive stance as we surmised he might do last night, Phil’s reaction to his par putt on the same hole today as if he had just completed the Grand Slam suggests that he is still unrepentant about what occurred.

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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