Tiger Woods casts serious doubt on his ability to make a return to professional golf

Is this the end for Tiger?

Legendary golfer Tiger Woods has cast major doubt regarding his ability to continue playing at the elite level in his sport, during an emotional press conference on Tuesday.

Woods, who is recovering from a serious car crash, has returned to golf before following a major setback before, but he seems unlikely to be able to do so again.

Now 45, Woods indicated himself that he has major doubts surrounding his own professional career in golf, suggesting that he will only be able to play in a few events a year given his injuries sustained.

Tiger Woods admits he is unlikely to make a triumphant return to success in golf.

“I’ve made the climb a few times, I’ve had a pretty good run in my career,” Woods explained.

“I knew once I came back from the spinal fusion surgery that I still had my hands. The only thing that was holding me back was my back.

“Once I realised that that was good and it was solid, I wasn’t going to have any issues, can I make a swing? Yes. I had power, didn’t think I’d have power.

“All of a sudden I would play at home and shoot scores in the mid-60s, without really trying. Ok, this is new. Let’s see if we can push this further.

“So I played in the Hero Event in 2017. Then I started playing a bit more in 2018 and started building. Once I started building I realised that after Tampa I could win.

“Then I proved to myself that I could take the lead in the British Open, I closed pretty good at the PGA even though I did not win. And then in 2019 I won the Masters.

“I don’t see that type of trend going forward for me. I won’t have the opportunity to practice given the condition of my leg” Woods concluded.