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We Spoke To Ben Brosnan On Dublin’s Unfair Advantage

Wexford Footballer Ben Brosnan has hit out at the difference in financing that Dublin are given in comparison to the other Leinster teams.

In an interview with Pundit Arena’s The 16th Man, Brosnan referred to Dublin’s sponsorship deals which garners them over €1 million a year, while last year Wexford got €46,000 from sponsors. When you add on the significantly superior grants Dublin are given, it adds up.

“Dublin are always going to get that sort of thing. Playing for Dublin, you’re nearly professional. For all of them, their jobs are easy enough sort of jobs, they all have cars they all get everything looked after meals for example. We heard this year that all their meals are paid for, if they bring their receipts and they’re eating healthy food during the day and they bring in their receipts they get their money back from it. It’s very hard to compete with that sort of thing.”

He went on to reference how the gulf has increased in recent years, comparing this season to 2011 when Wexford lost by a single goal to Dublin.

“We were so close to beating them, we really had a team that we thought could compete with Dublin. It wasn’t just a once-off, we thought if we played them four or five times a year we’d be there or thereabouts.”

A lack of financing has massive repercussions for Wexford, simply things like training venues are impacted.

“We trained in Carlow November, December, January, February because there was no lights in Wexford. We were travelling an hour and twenty minutes for training twice a week, I’m sure that doesn’t happen in Dublin.”

Ben also discussed the style of play used by weaker Leinster teams, agreeing that to try play the ‘right’ way because of pride is foolish and encouraging teams to adapt in order to give themselves every chance to be successful.

“Look the way the games are gone you’re going to have to adapt to Northern teams. We tried to force things too much, we tried to play too much football instead of being smart.”

In a comprehension interview, Brosnan also gave his thoughts on referees, Wexford’s season and his sportswear business, Bodibro in the interview. You can listen to it all here.

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