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Watch: These Top 5 International Rules Hits Will Get You Fired Up For Sunday

The year is 2006. An infamous International Rules game had rocked a packed Croke Park. Little did people know though, that the game would transform the International Rules series.

Australia’s Danyle Pearce’s tackle on Graham Gerathy, which resulted in Gerathy being knocked-out cold, was a major talking point. The game, which was best described as “thuggery” by Ireland manager Sean Boylan claimed the attention of many critics of the series. 

However, despite many calls for it to end, eleven years down the line the International Rules series between Australia and Ireland remains to be a unique occasion on our sporting calendars. 

While the “thuggery” has left the game and the sportsmanship has enhanced, the big hits have survived and are still a major feature of the contemporary game. 

Here, we have a run back in time and pick out the Top-5 BIG hits of the International Rules series:

5. Danyle Pearce knocks out Graham Gerathy (2006)- (Skip to 0.46)


4. Cambell Brown smashes Fintan Hanley off the ball (2007)- (Skip to 0.40) 


3. Emmet Bolton vs Mitch Robinson’s 50/50 ball (2011)- (skip to 9.08). 


2. Frontal charge on Steven McDonnell (Skip to 1.50) 


1. Brad Hardie’s historic frontal charge (1986)-(skip to 4.19). 


The 2017 International Rules series will take place on Sunday 12 November in Australia at the Adelaide Oval.

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