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Was Joe Brolly Right To Criticise The Referee As He Did?

Joe Brolly severely criticised the Munster Final referee

Joe Brolly is often critical of players, but after the Munster Final between Kerry and Cork he chastised Padraig Hughes for awarding a penalty against Cork’s Mark Collins.

In an outburst the opinionated pundit remarked, ‘Paudie wouldn’t know a penalty if it bit him in the arse’.

Brolly argued that it was Mark Collins’s ball; ‘he was going for it. It was in his zone and O’Donoghue simply ran to the side and stretched a left arm in and Collins was already falling to the ground trying to catch the ball’.

He continued, ‘then to consult with the umpires and for them to say “yes, it was a penalty”. I  mean you couldn’t make it up’.

Despite the best efforts of Colm O’Rourke and Darragh Maloney to cut the Derry man off, Brolly would not cease, remarking, ‘looking at it once, you could sense the bewilderment immediately. The spectators, the players. How can it possibly be? It was obvious that it wasn’t a penalty’.

While I do agree with Brolly in that Hughes made the wrong call, the manner in which he attacked the referee was unwarranted. Although he has always been outspoken, this season Brolly seems to on a quest for controversy, particularly in the wake of insulting his colleague Marty Morrissey.


Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena


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