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Tweet: Jason Flynn Invites Margot Robbie To the All-Star Awards

Galway’s Jason Flynn woke up to the great news this morning that he has been nominated for an All-Star award, and the Young Player of the Year award. Naturally, this was a big boost to the star, but soon it dawned on him that he needed to sort out a date for the ceremony.

It is clear that the Tommy Larkin’s clubman has impeccably high standards not only the field of play. He shot for the very top in inviting Australian actress Margot Robbie, who recently appeared in The Wolf of Wall Street, to the function.

It is night-time in Australia right now, so it is to be assumed Robbie has not seen it yet. We await her response when she wakes up in the morning.

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.