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TBT: Remember That Time A Dog Invaded An International Rules Match

Spurred by that video going around this week of a dog that made an appearance at the 1987 Rugby World Cup. Well that brought back memories of a far greater dog episode, GAA-style. 

You may have seen this video going around during the week. A dog who made a mockery of an All-Blacks game during the 1987 Rugby World Cup. And that video, it got us thinking. The GAA has had its own, frankly far superior dog episode.

The stage was set, Ireland vs Australia, during the 2004 International Rules series. Tensions were high, as usual. And the Australians were beginning to creep on top. Ireland needed a hero. And it bloody got one.

They were nimble, able to turn on a penny. Fast too, leaving any man on that pitch in the dirt if they needed to. And let’s not forget, they had tenacity in abundance, literally putting every part of their tiny, furry body on the line to stop the Aussies.

Marty and his Australian counterpart can’t help but note, during our hero’s cameo, they were the best defender on the pitch.

The only problem was, it was a dog. A dog who somehow found its way into a huge stadium, presumably with a lot of personnel milling about entrances. A dog, who managed to find its way to the pitch. A dog who, remained on the pitch for two and a half minutes. The whole thing is ridiculous. The officials don’t even seem to care it exists, despite when it interfered with play.

What ever happened to that Jack Russel, we’d love to know.




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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.