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Seamus Callanan Ready To Silence Rumour Mill And Do His Talking On The Pitch

Two weeks have passed now since Seamus Callanan and the Tipperary panel were victims of some vicious social media rumours. The Tipp ace is now preparing to hit back with on-field performances.

After Cathal Barrett was released from the Tipperary hurling panel, a vicious social media rumour mill began. These rumours varied but the vast majority revolved around the personal lives of certain players.

One such player to fall victim to these rumours was Drom and Inch’s Seamus Callanan. Perhaps it is not a surprise seeing as Callanan is the Premier County’s main man.

Still, there is no excuse for these rumours and they will have undoubtedly hurt Seamus and those close to him. Many respected GAA voices blasted the rumours and rightfully so.

How did the man himself react to the rumours? Speaking to the Irish Examiner, Callanan expressed some disappointment at the rumours, however was adamant it enters through one ear and out the other.

“Sure there’s the world of nonsense talk going around but I presume it goes around a lot of other panels too, what can we do? We have no control over what people want to say about us. They’re absolutely unfounded rumours but we have no control of that. It’s terrible that these rumours go around but we are kind of powerless towards it.”

Three times a nominee for hurler of the year, Callanan will have been somewhat disappointed with his performance against Cork.

GAA Hurling All Ireland Championship Semi-Final 17/8/2014 Cork vs Tipperary Cork’s Mark Ellis and Shane O’Neill with Seamus Callanan of Tipperary Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/James Crombie

Seamus Callanan has been arguably the best hurler of the past five years however, and will almost certainly bounce back better than ever.

Tipperary supporters will take heart from Callanan’s attitude towards this horrible scenario he is currently faced with.

“Positive or negative talk, you have to distance yourself from it. Because you have to concentrate on your training every night and your routines and your own processes that you go through.”

“Whether it’s good stuff that’s being said about you or bad stuff, neither of it is productive for GAA players to be looking at really. I think you just have to take it for what it is and move on.”

Callanan’s teammate Padraig Maher also blasted rumours surrounding the Tipperary hurling panel last week. Respected hurling analyst Michael Duignan was also highly critical.

Tipperary will be keen for the qualifiers to roll around to prove they haven’t gone away just yet.

Kevin Daly, Pundit Arena

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