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Collins: New Rule Change Proposals May Require Second Referee

Clare football manager Colm Collins has welcomed the five proposed experimental rules but questioned whether can be enforced by just one referee.

The GAA’s Standing Committee on the Playing Rules (SCPR) has outlined the five changes, including significant changes to kick-outs, handpassing and the mark.

When feedback from managers and players is gathered, a decision on which proposals to put before the GAA’s Management for experimentation in the pre-season competitions and leagues will then be taken.


Collins told RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland programme that while some of the proposals were not what he would have come up with, he sees merit in trialling new changes.

“Any rule change at all that will benefit or improve the game, I’d be totally for. I’d have to complement the people that are involved in this, they have put a lot of time into it.

“From my own point of view, it probably wouldn’t have been what I would have come up with.”

“The one thing in relation to the mark is that I think it should be a high catch over the head as opposed to a catch in the chest”

Handpasses will be limited to three in a row – “I’d be prepared to trial anything that would improve foot passing in the game” while the sideline kick going forwards and the sin-bin are other positives as far as he is concerned.

“The one thing in relation to the mark is that I think it should be a high catch over the head as opposed to a catch in the chest.”

His main reservation lies in the implementation of the rule changes and the pressure officials will be under.

“The main difficulty is the refereeing, because referees at the moment have enough to do. These are things that would probably demand a second referee. That’s something they might look at.”

The SCPR now plans to engage in a consultation process in relation to these rules during the month of October and will hold detailed discussions with players, coaches, referees and officials.

Collins has a couple of changes he would like to see, that could easily improve attacking play.

“You have got to think about what can be enforced in the existing system without a second referee. One thing that could be quite easily enforced would be if you take the ball over the halfway line, you can’t go back with it.

“Also, a rule whereby you can only have so many people in your own defensive area. Those are two I would like myself.”

The new Gaelic football rule changes are explained in full here.

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