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Roscommon’s Donie Shine Responds To Rumours & Talks John Evans’ All-Ireland Ambitions

Roscommon footballer Donie Shine has spoken out about the rumours that circulated after Roscommon’s semi-final loss to Sligo.

“I don’t mind saying what it was, there was rumours of rows on the bus to Sligo and different things, which were totally untrue, we talked about it at training ourselves and had a laugh about it but we couldn’t believe the stuff that was going on.”

In the interview with our The 16th Man podcast, Donie also discussed the expectation in the county and goals set by the team.

‘There was high expectations with a good under 21 team coming through and a nice mix of experience and youth, it didn’t happen or turn out the way we’d planned.

“It’s very disappointing to be finished the championship in early July, and not to make August. A goal we would have had was to make the bank holiday weekend in August and we haven’t done that which is disappointing.”


Listen to the latest episode of The 16h Man below.


Donie also spoke about manager John Evans’ comments that Roscommon should be aiming for All-Irelands, citing ambition as a necessary ingredient for any inter-county player.

“John is a very ambitious fella, he drives us to be as ambitious as he is. You’ve an ambitious group of players who’ve all probably achieved a high enough level in their careers.

“There’s been an under-21 All-Ireland, Connacht under-21s, and a lot of players on the panel would have Connacht medals from a few years ago, so I personally, and I don’t think any of the lads, would have any problem with him being ambitious and looking towards the top.

“At the end of the day, I don’t think we’d be playing inter-county football if we didn’t think we could reach the higher levels and that’s defiantly something we’re looking to do.”

Shine also gave an insight into the commitment required by an inter-county player and told of the positives and negatives of his cruciate injury.

“It’s really difficult I did my cruciate last year and spent about eight months without playing a game.

“It’s such a big commitment and you give so much to it and then when see yourself sitting around and you’re watching other guys playing and not being able to go out and play it’s very frustrating.”

However, on the plus side, it gave Donie some perspective.

“It’s only when you get injured you realise you’re better off having a good balanced life and try enjoying other aspects of life rather than focusing everything on football.

“Up until the point when I got injured I would have been everything football and not being able to commit to anything else and then when you get injured you really get to see other aspects of your life and I got a bit of time off football, which was nice.”

The interview also saw Donie talk about one-man teams, Bernard Flynn’s comments that it was ‘now or never’ for Roscommon, and their promotion to Division One.


You can listen to the latest episode here.


Maurice Brosnan, Pundit Arena

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