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Reforming The Football And Hurling Championships

The GAA has invited counties to make suggestions on restructuring the football and hurling championships.

After years of criticism, the GAA has asked individual county boards to make proposals on reforming the format of the All Ireland Senior Football and Hurling Championships, as well as the structure of the National Hurling League.

The GAA’s request comes after a series of heavy defeats were inflicted on a number of smaller counties in the early rounds of the provincial football championships. The nature of those fixtures triggered massive debate amongst supporters and analysts as to the structure of the football championship in particular.

Amongst the most popular suggestions have been the creation of a tiered championship structure, the introduction of a Champions League style format, and merging the National Football League with the football championship.

Proposals made by County Boards must be submitted to Central Council next month for consideration. A decision will then be made on how to move forward, with a view to have the restructured championships and hurling league in place for 2017.

There will no doubt be massive interest in the proposals being made, but we will have to wait and see if any developments evolve from them.

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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