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Dublin Star Philly McMahon Opens Up About Brother’s Drug Addiction

Philly McMahon

Dublin footballer Philly McMahon is one of the most popular footballers for the Boys in Blue, and it is not difficult to see why. The Ballymun Kickhams star is a rock in defence for Jim Gavin’s side, and today he came on RTÉ’s 2FM to speak about the life of a footballer that we do not see on the television.

McMahon’s brother, John had his struggles with a drug addiction, and Philly speaks about this, and how he helped him become the man he is today.

“I’m trying to live his legacy. When I was growing up, it was tough.

“John shaped me to who I am today. People often ask me how I started to play football.

“I used to kick the ball up against the wall at the flats, and kick it closer to my brother and his friends, so I could run closer to them, and then be able to say, “Mom, John was drinking.”

“This is really tough. People need to understand when you’re younger, when someone calls your family member a ‘junky’, it’s a really tough place to be.

“The amount of addicts in this country, [be it] with gambling, drugs, or even phone and food… Addiction for me is all the same. There’s a process to it.

“There is a difference with drugs, as it is a physical thing.

“I did a talk at Christmas, and a lady approached me. She said her son is struggling with cocaine.

“I sat him down, and said “I’ll tell you my story, but you have to tell your story over the next few weeks.”

“[A few weeks later in training] he pulled everyone aside as they were slacking in runs or something, and said, “Do you think you have it tough? This is what I have been through the last few months.”

“There is a lot of people we need to help, to whom we don’t give them the time they need, particularly in team sports.”

It was a fascinating interview, and we look forward to it being released on a podcast later. Fair play to Philly McMahon!

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