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Nigel Owens Backs The Use Of The TMO In GAA

Rugby World Cup Final referee, Nigel Owens, advocates using the TMO in GAA.

Although many rugby fans have criticised the amount of time referees spend referring decisions to the Television Match Official, the use of such technology has aided the game greatly.

Not only can referees refer try scoring decisions to the Television Match Official, but the TMO can bring incidents of foul play to the attention of the referee.

Indeed, during this year’s Football Championship, Conor McManus argued for the introduction of the TMO in the aftermath of the now famous Tiernan McCann incident, during the quarter final between Tyrone and Monaghan

Therefore it was interesting to hear Rugby World Cup Final referee, Nigel Owens, discuss the issue when it was raised on 2FM’s Game On.

Owens told the show, ‘If you want to get the big decisions right, then you may need to introduce technology’.

However the popular rugby referee also warned the GAA,

You have to ensure is that if you do introduce technology, that it’s not overused and it doesn’t stop the flow of the game.

In rugby, we need to get the balance right. I think the TMO is sometimes overused and it takes away from the contest itself.

Nevertheless Owens argued, ‘You can’t have a Test rugby match anymore without technology to help you make decisions, especially the big decisions, correctly… That’s how the game has gone and it’s the same for hurling and gaelic football as well’.

Alan Drumm, Pundit Arena

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