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New Gaelic Football Video Game Receives Funding

It’s great news for GAA fans around the world to hear that the development of a new Gaelic football game is currently in progress.

Mojopin Studios, a small independent company based in Armagh are developing the game which is set in stone to be named All Star Gaelic Football.

Just under one year ago, Pundit Arena wrote about the development of the same game. However, at the time the idea was far from a reality as the creators still required additional funding.

“Without funding, this is not possible but we believe that this is a highly attractive proposition with a lot of potential interest and we hope to connect with like-minded people such as investors or sponsors.”

Ten months ago, founder of Mojopin Studios, Peadar McMahon, discussed that although they have “been through many grant/loan provision schemes, it seems games are not a priority” anymore. The sole funding of this project came from Peadar’s pocket, and that his own “personal funds for the development had dried up.”

“We are always open to other opportunities and we are actively looking for investors or sponsors that are interested.”

“There will be lots of good incentives offered the for backers of this game.”

Now, it looks like their wish for more funding has been fulfilled:

Initially, Mojopin Studios aim to release the game as a PC version, but then to further develop the game onto various platforms such as PS4, X-Box and Nintendo. Once the first game is released, they then hope to make a hurling and handball franchise too.

(Image via Mojopin Studios)

While they might have received some funding, they still require more stating that “we can only make this with your support.” In the hope that they’ll attract another few additional sponsors or investors, a Kickstarter is planned for January to further the game’s progression into the market.

For more information about the game, you can check out Mojopin Studios website or Facebook page

Jason Redmond, Pundit Arena

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