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Pics: Limerick Release Three New Jerseys, And You Decide Which One It Will Be

Limerick will have new management coming into the 2017 season, and they will have new jerseys too.

This isn’t entirely surprising as very few counties keep the same design year on year. For a lot of teams however, a change is forced if a new sponsor comes on board.

This isn’t the case for the Shannonsiders who are still going to have the ‘Sporting Limerick’ brand across the kit.

In a new twist however, Limerick have decided to let the public, those on social media at least, to have a say in what design the 2017 jerseys will have. They have introduced three options.




The winner of the Twitter poll will, presumably, (I don’t know how legally binding these are!) will be the jersey worn by the hurlers and footballers of the Treaty County.

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Let’s just hope supporters of other counties don’t hijack this and force Limerick to wear option one in the new year. Although that said, option three took a big early lead so that will likely be the design that wins the first intercounty what-jersey-should-we-wear-poll.

What a time to be alive.

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Author: The PA Team

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