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There Is A New GAA Video Game In Development


It’s great news for GAA fans around the world to hear that the development of a new Gaelic football game is currently in progress.

Mojopin Studios, a small independent company based in Armagh are developing the game which is set in stone to be named All Star Gaelic Football.

The game’s focus platform is for PC, but developers are pushing that the game will be available on all platforms, such as Xbox, Nintendo, and PS4 once additional funding becomes available through investments and sponsorship.

The fact that the Gaelic Games Football game surpassed Call of Duty sales in Ireland leading up to Christmas in 2005 on the Playstation 2, highlights that there’s a market there for a game like this to be developed.

We caught up with founder and lead developer, Peadar Mc Mahon, to discuss all the important questions such as the progress, graphics, names, and a potential release date for All Star Gaelic Football.



“This game is born solely from my frustration from the original Gaelic Games games on PS2.

“I had always wanted a gaelic football game and we now had one. Unfortunately, there were issues with the games that detracted from the experience, but it inspired me so much.

“A couple of years ago I decided to start the process to create this game. Two years later, with only a few people working on the game, we are at this stage.”


It seems that All Star Gaelic Football is progressing slowly but steadily, with the creators and founders pinpointing in-game quality graphics and licensing as a priority.

“We have had player and stadium models produced.”

“We brought Tyrone’s Mattie Donnelly and Monaghan’s Darren Hughes into a motion capture studio to record their movements for use in the game.”

“We have been in conversation with two commentators with agreements in principle for using them in the game.”


Mojopin discuss that they are very interested in covering all platforms, such as X-Box, Nintendo and PS4.

“The console manufacturers won’t agree to publish a game unless you are with an established publisher or the game is far enough into development to give them a near final view on what they are agreeing to.

“We do aim to release on all major platforms, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

“We were an official developer for Nintendo, so we don’t see much issue on getting on their platform.

“Xbox have been very receptive so far and Playstation are interested but want to see more before committing.”


Peadar discussed that although Mojopin Studios have “been through many grant/loan provision schemes, it seems games are not a priority” anymore. The sole funding of this project came from Peadar’s pocket, and that his own “pesonal funds for the development, have dried up.”

“We are always open to other opportunities and we are actively looking for investors or sponsors that are interested.”

“There will be lots of good incentives offered the for backers of this game.”

Image via Mojopin Studio.


How does it differentiate between the game ‘Gaelic Games’ for example?

It is important to note that Gaelic Games Football and Gaelic Games Football 2 were released in 2005 and 2007 respectively and that since then graphic development, game development and gameplay has widely advanced.

“Our aim is to provide each team and player with their unique attributes, as every team seemed to blend into each other on Gaelic Games.

“This will obviously be easier and better with the permissions regarding licences but we hope to have this sorted down the line.”

All Star Gaelic Football will also focus on defending and goalkeeping, which was a “non existent” feature of the Gaelic Games Playstation 2 game. He explains that “defending was extremely random” and that they are looking at “extra options for the defenders as opposed to a shoulder barge and tackle.”

In turn, with the granting of licensing, we could see player names and player attributes similar to what we see on the successful FIFA and PES games.

Is there a hurling game in production also? 

“We hope to produce All Star Gaelic as a franchise. Initially with a football game and a sequel, then to move in to hurling and possibly handball.”

“It is a long term strategy for us and we hope to build on each game year on year.”

What are the in-game features? 

On a recent thread via Reddit, Mojopin discussed some key features that they are looking to incorporate into their game such as online play, multiplayer, ultimate teams and manager modes in the near future. Although they know their limitations, they expressed that people shouldn’t rule it out.

“We are extremely ambitious but realistic in the same breath.”

“We know what limitations there may be, but we see this as a long-term franchise and all our planned features may be pushed out to a second/third game.”

When could we potentially see All Star Gaelic Football on the shelves?

We posed the question on everyone’s lips, and thankfully we got an answer which seems like a realistic aim considering that there’s a lot of work still needs to be done.

“We envisage, if we get funding finalised in the next six months, the first game will be released in 2018, with further clarification on specific time-frames in the future.”

What are your short-term aims? 

“We will be looking to run a Kickstarter campaign in the next six months that will help raise some funding for the game as well as a good marketing platform to get the word out there.

“We will be producing a game-play trailer.

“Without funding this is not possible but we believe that this is a highly attractive proposition with a lot of potential interest and we hope to connect with like minded people such as investors or sponsors.”


For more information and/or updates on the game, you can visit their website or Facebook page.

Christmas presents are sorted for 2018!

Jason Redmond, Pundit Arena

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