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Is The End Near For Sigerson Cup Finals Weekend?

Finals weekend in both the Sigerson Cup and Fitzgibbon Cup could be a thing of the past, if some people get their way at least.

Long has the traditional weekend been a favourite of the GAA hipster, but there have been calls to scrap the structure that has many inter-county players playing two big games on consecutive days.

Dublin manager Jim Gavin is one who has publically expressed his displeasure at the structure of the famous competition where the final is played less than 24 hours after the semi-finals. With someone like Gavin, who isn’t one to speak out on too many issues, but has criticised finals weekend, perhaps that will lead the Higher Education officials to take note and change up the latter stages of their championships in the coming years ahead.

“There’s so many experts in the science field in the universities but yet we see them putting players out to play back-to-back games on a Friday and a Saturday,” Gavin said after Dublin’s win over Mayo.

“You wouldn’t do it in any other sport, you wouldn’t do it to a greyhound,” he fumed, adding that the current situation was “unacceptable”. Quote via Irish Independent.

Now cynics could say that bringing up an issue the week after Congress isn’t the best way to get things done, however, organisers of the third-level education competitions can fix their games for whenever they want, meaning they could chance this.

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With someone as high profile as Jim Gavin calling for change, the Higher Education board would be foolish not to at least consider it.

Given that the tournaments takes place during the National League doesn’t help the fixture makers and finals weekend is as much about the occasion as it is about rushing these games to a halt.

With the introduction of the Super 8s, GAA lawmakers have shown us that they are not beyond drastic changes to a completion structure.

While that measure in the Senior Football Championship was divisive, should finals weekend go in the name of player welfare, there can be few qualms from the public.

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