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Watch: Virtual Reality Perfectly Replicating Croke Park Fan Matchday Experience

Hill 16 Dublin Croke Park

Going to matches in Croke Park is a stable tradition of the entire GAA community. Be it a family day out in the Canal End, eating sandwiches from the boot of a car beforehand, or a shower of lads heading up to Hill 16 after a few jars in the pub.

Indeed, Hill 16 is the heart of Croke Park on a matchday. The atmosphere, the noise, the joy, the tears. It has it all.

The old terrace ranks up there alongside the Kop, Die Gelbe Wand, and the Curva Sud as one of Europe’s most iconic stands.

AIB, as part of their ongoing promotions with the GAA, today launched an authentic fan experience today at the Facebook HQ in Dublin.

The short yet immersive video brings you through the build-up to a big-game, the chanting of the Dublin fans, and the general experience overall.

You feel that you are in Croke Park. Take a look at the 360 degree short film:

We’re sure that if you have never been to Hill 16, you now feel that you have been now.

Fair play to AIB on a superb production, which is more than just a video. It also shows what can be done in the future. Imagine sitting at home, but watching a game as if you were in Hill 16?

It may not be so far away…

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Author: The PA Team

This article was written by a member of The PA Team.