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Colm Cooper Has His Say On The All-Ireland Final Referee Wearing A Mic

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Kerry football legend Colm Cooper has had his say on All-Ireland final referee David Coldrick wearing a microphone during the game as part of a television documentary. 

The documentary was subsequently broadcast on RTÉ, however it has irked some members of the GAA community as the footballers playing in Croke Park that day were not made aware that Coldrick was to be mic’d up.

“In the heat of the moment players can come out with anything and you don’t want to be portrayed as something that you’re not, Cooper told Orla Bannon of the Irish Examiner.

The 32-year-old recognises the purpose of why it was done but was ‘surprised’ by the decision taken to not let the players know on the day.

“It was just surprising from the point of view that no-one knew about it. Should the players be told before the game? I think they should.

“It was there, not to catch out players I don’t think, but it was there to show the public what really happens. But I think it would have been nice if they had let both squads know at least.

The fact that the referee knew about it made him ‘calm and collected’, as Cooper puts it, but he also makes a fair point that the players weren’t going to be so cool not knowing a mic was picking up everything they were saying.

“Obviously David Coldrick knew about it. He was very cool, calm and collected — but the players weren’t as cool.”

Cooper also spoke to the Irish Examiner about losing out by three points to Dublin in September’s final. And although the five-time All-Ireland winner says he ‘felt really good’ going into the decider, he failed to score a single point and admitted he is better than the performance he had against the Dubs.

“There are finals when I hadn’t performed great, but I hadn’t felt good going into them. But I felt really good going into this one, and it just didn’t happen for whatever reason. I know I am better than that performance. I know there is still more in the body.

“Sometimes you have to go away and do a little bit of soul-searching. That’s just the way it goes.”

At 32, Cooper is already in the latter stages of his inter-county career but his comments today suggest he has some unfinished business to do before hanging up his well-worn boots.

Rob Lyons, Pundit Arena

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