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Intercounty Stars Have Been Distanced Further From The Club Game In Kerry [Report]


Last week, the Club Players Association was launched with a view to giving club players a voice within the GAA. While this was a major step in the right direction, there is still a long way to go in ensuring that there is a clear season outlined for GAA club players without the influence of intercounty action upon their scheduling.

One disgruntled party from Kerry got in touch with Pundit Arena to air his grievances with the current situation in the Kingdom.

“In Kerry, intercounty players were usually available for at least four of the 11 rounds of county league. Two of those games were usually the week or two before club championship as to integrate the intercounty players back into the club scene.

“As the county leagues are extremely competitive in Kerry, most clubs were happy with this arrangement with the county senior manager and county authorities.

“Kerry clubs have been unofficially informed that no member of the Kingdom’s senior football team will be available for club activity until Club Championship Round 1.

“Also members of the Kerry senior football team will not be released to their clubs for league games until Round 11.

“This is extremely unfair on clubs who rely on their county players to boost them for at least a third of their county league games per year.

“Now these players will be parachuted into their club teams days before the club players biggest day of the year – club championship (club championship is strict knockout in Kerry).”

At the time of writing, Pundit Arena is still waiting on a response from the County Board on the issue.

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