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Cheddar Plunkett: Investment Should Focus On Hurling In Ireland, Not Boston

Laois hurling manager Séamus ‘Cheddar’ Plunkett has aired his dismay at the Super 11s hurling game which took place in Boston last Sunday.

The Galway and Dublin hurling teams were flown out for the tie, but Plunkett has echoed the opinion shared by many that the GAA and GPA would be better served focusing their attentions on the games in Ireland.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mirror, Plunkett said that he believes they ought to develop hurling here in Ireland.

“I probably wouldn’t question the wisdom of it if the work was going on here in Ireland. It’s just when there is such a lack of strategic thinking about growing the game in these counties and then you have something like that, I think then it doesn’t work.

“What was the objective of it? These things don’t come cheap and they send two panels to the States? This is not about the money, it’s really about the thinking behind the whole project.

“It’s unclear how the game in Ireland is going to grow and then there’s something like this. It just doesn’t sit right and certainly I think you would have a completely different way of growing the game worldwide or Stateside or whatever that objective is than simply going and having a game in Fenway Park to promote it.

“We’ve a limited amount of money in terms of promoting the game in Ireland and I would just think that the full focus should be on that.”

It is certainly clear where he is coming from, and he has a point.

There have also been suggestions that the Super 11s is not the way forward to promote hurling in the United States.

However, the crowd of 27,000 in attendance shows that there is an undoubted appetite for hurling on the other side of the Atlantic.

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