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Carlow GAA Forced To Call Out Soccer Club Over Absurd Text Message


Carlow GAA are dead right here…

It’s fair to say that modern Ireland is an extremely ecumenical community in a sporting sense.

The GAA’s Rule 27, better know as ‘The Ban’, is well and truly dead, having been abolished in 1971. This outlawed members of the Association from taking part in ‘foreign games’, or indeed attending such matches.

Since then the lines have been blurred. Rugby and soccer being played in Croke Park was yet another milestone in a somewhat healthy relationship between the major sports in the country.

This is simply mirroring grassroots, where young children commonly switch between Gaelic games, soccer and rugby. This is understandable, and provisions are often made for children who play multiple sports. Some of the country’s top sports stars enjoyed backgrounds in different codes – the likes of Shane Long, Tomás O’Leary and many more.

However, what happened in Carlow this week went completely against this. Carlow GAA were forced to call out a local soccer club for sending out a text message discouraging their players from being involved with Gaelic games.

The tweet has since been deleted.

The manager of the club in question did come back with a response.

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Author: The PA Team

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