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GAA President Says The Black Card Is Going Nowhere

Black Card

President of the GAA, Aogán Ó Fearghaíl has said that the black card is going nowhere. The application of the rule has led to great uncertainty, and high profile matches such as the two All-Ireland final games this year has led to an outcry for change.

As reported in the Irish Examiner, Ó Fearghaíl has stated that the rule will not be changed.

“The black card is there, it’s part of our rules. I don’t see any possibility of the black card suddenly being dispensed with because of one or two or even more incidents. It’s part of the playing rules of the GAA.

“The black card is there now, there is an onus on us to make sure whatever rules we have are well implemented. I would accept that with the black card some of the commentary is fair because we do probably need to make sure it is properly implemented. But as regards an abolition of it? No.”

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Paraic Duffy and Aogan O'Fearghail 4/8/2016

Many were proposing to remove the black card and introduce a sin bin, but the Cavan native was quick to shoot it down.

“It was found the last time in the research that it was almost impractical to operate at club level around the country. That was one of the major issues. The number of officials. If you have two local clubs operating, the black card is operated by the referee and that’s it. But if he has a sin bin, it’s timing and a lot more challenging.”

It looks like the black card is here to stay.

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