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3 Problems The Galway Hurling Committee Need To Sort

Ashling Dalton discusses the three main issues that have thrown Galway hurling into controversy in the past few weeks.

In recent weeks the strength of Galway hurling has been thrown into disarray with disagreements over leadership of the hurling committee, shots being fired at the Leinster council for not including Galway underage teams in the Leinster championship, and holdups which have resulted in the senior county final not being played till mid-December.

From the outside it is clear that Galway hurling is in a turbulent state at the moment, with glaring problems being shown. However, if put right, the following can put the Tribesmen on the right road.


1. The Issue Of Clubs.

It is no secret that in this neck of the woods, rivalry between clubs is as intense as it gets. While it makes for a tasty club championship, it does have its downsides.

A hatred between clubs can interfere with county set-ups, with the bond between county men not being as strong as it should be. Galway hurling needs a collective panel who are willing to put their differences at club level aside in order for Galway to really push for honors in the future.


2. A Strong County Board.

What’s a sign of a weak county board? Rows.

Galway have had plenty of them recently, and it has to stop. In order for Galway hurling to be healthy, everyone needs to be working towards the same goal. A structure needs to be put in place where the good of Galway GAA is the priority,  not petty, needless problems that can be easily rectified.

Truth be told, Galway have one of the most successful underage setups in the country, but more needs to be done to carry this forward into senior level.


3. Is Leinster Right For Galway?

It was always debatable whether Galway should have gone into Leinster in the first place, and it still is to this day. If we look back at the five years Galway have been playing in Leinster, they have won it once and been in the final three times.

Is that enough?

Would they benefit further in the more competitive Munster championship? Galway officials need to ask the question of what they are getting out of being in Leinster, and whether it is time to find a better solution.

Ashling Dalton, Pundit Arena.

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