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Ed Sheeran, Cork Were Far Too Nice & Roscommon’s Donie Shine Talks Rumours

The 16th Man is our new GAA Podcast covering all matters Championship as well all the big and not so big issues from the world of GAA.

Skip to 1:30 to see why Ed Sheeran should have dedicated some songs to this year’s Championship and of course all of this week’s action

Skip to 7:02 for Coach’s Corner with Ceimin Burke. Ceimin and the lads discuss why Cork were too nice and of course Galway ain’t no one man team.

Skip to 15:40 as the guys discuss the Camogie Association lottery fiasco.

Skip to 18:00 as to why we, or anyone in the media aren’t helping GAA players.

Skip to 22:10 As Roscommon star Donie Shine who reflects on a season that’s over already, county expectations, rumour and injuries.

Thanks to hosts, Paul Corcoran and Maurice Brosnan, guests Ceimin Burke of UTV Ireland and former Roscommon  Donie Shine. As always thanks to Flirt FM for the Studio.

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