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Kieran Donaghy Explains His Ideal Format For Dublin-Kerry All-Ireland Finals

Kieran Donaghy has mentioned that he would have “loved” to play Dublin in a best of seven series similar to how finals of competitions in the US take place. 

The NBA, NHL and MLB all feature a best of seven series in the post-season playoffs as a means of deciding the overall champion.

This can lead to some incredible occasions and games as we have learned recently in the ESPN and Netflix joint-production, ‘The Last Dance’.

Donaghy was making the point to Joe Brolly when speaking on Eir Sport and the former Kerry footballer believes that a proposed best of seven format could be a way around the perceived advantage that Dublin has from playing in Croke Park.

“If you look at American sports, it’s not pressure, it’s momentum,” Donaghy said.

Kieran Donaghy Joe Brolly

“In sport, the home fans give you momentum. If you look at any of the game sevens that are played in a home venue for a team, they lose about 4% of them and that’s just the way it is because it’s momentum, it’s everything they do, a block down gets a bigger cheer than anything else.

“I’m not saying it’s the reason they [Dublin] won, of course I’m not saying it’s the reason they won, I’m just saying it’s another contributing factor down with all the other brilliant stuff that they’re good at. It’s not a slight against them.

“I’d love to be playing them, I’d love to have played Dublin in our pomp in a seven-game series at the end of September, play four down in Killarney and play three in Dublin if we had a better league record.”

Of course, in an already congested GAA calendar, the prospect of a best of seven series to decide an All-Ireland final is incredibly unlikely. However, such a scenario would undoubtedly excite football fans around the country.

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Author: Sean McMahon

Sean is Deputy Editor and head rugby writer. You can contact him by email [email protected] or on Twitter