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Paddy Andrews says he’d rather “watch the Euros than Mayo against Sligo”

Paddy Andrews

The former Dublin star feels the lack of competitive games early on is killing the Championship.

Paddy Andrews has said that teams not being evenly matched is killing the Gaelic football Championship.

The former Dublin footballer was discussing whether or not the current provincial championships and the 31-team open draw are a “waste of time”.

Paddy Andrews

Andrews said that the current system does not benefit supporters or players, because in the majority of games, “you know the result before it happens.”

Paddy Andrews on current Gaelic football structure

“I do think it’s getting to the stage where people are essentially just fed up with how the games are panning out… It’s not suiting any of the parties involved. As bad as the weekend was, it’s probably going to be the same for the next couple of weeks.

“If you look at what was the most exciting game of the weekend – it’s teams that are competitive against each other. Louth and Offaly was a brilliant game. Okay, it might not be as high quality as watching Dublin and Kerry. But at least it was really exciting, going down to the death.

“The reason behind it is those teams are evenly matched. That has to be the base… The Euros are on, I’ve played GAA my whole life, I’d rather watch a European Championship game than Mayo vs Sligo. Because you just know there’s no peril, no jeopardy. You know the result before it happens.

Paddy Andrews

Paddy Andrews demands change to structure

“It’s so obvious now that it does demand action. It’s no secret that the National Leagues are the most enjoyable.”

Just last week, Down manager Paddy Tally said he would like to see the Gaelic football provincial championship structure changed to a seeded championship with league performances determining what level a county plays at.

The full interview with Paddy Andrews can be seen here.

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