Pat Spillane and Sean Cavanagh clash over rescheduled All-Ireland semi-final

“That’s a load of rubbish by Sean, to be quite honest.”

RTÉ Saturday Game pundits, Sean Cavanagh and Pat Spillane clashed live on TV ahead of the All-Ireland semi-final between Kerry and Tyrone.

The pair argued pre-game over the re-fixture of the All Ireland Football Championship semi-finals.

At the start of the broadcast, former Tyrone footballer Sean Cavanagh outlined his grievances over the coverage that Tyrone had gotten in the wake of a covid outbreak in the county which resulted in their semi-final with Kerry.

Pat Spillane and Sean Cavanagh clash over rescheduled All Ireland semi-final.

“There was a lot of anger within the county, I have to say,” Cavanagh said.

“A feeling of disrespect in a lot of quarters and a feeling that the rest of Ireland is taking a cheap pop and a lot of people have spoken out around the circumstances without knowing the facts.

“So we come here today with a lot of defiance.”

Pat Spillane responds

Cavanagh’s statement seemed to annoy Spillane, who responded quite vociferously to his colleague.

The former Kerry footballer said while it was right to reschedule the game, Tyrone still have a lot of questions to answer.

“That’s a load of rubbish by Sean, to be quite honest,” Spillane said.

“The result of the game being played today is the best of a lot of bad choices. So I agree with replaying the game.”

To which, Cavanagh retorted: “We should give Kerry a bye into the final, as we do every other year so?”

Spillane continued ignoring Cavanagh: “Two things, Kerry have a reputation of being cute hoors, it’s something we have earned over the years, that tag of cute hoors but to be quite honest when you see another crowd acting the cute hoors and being even better at it than us, and that crowd was Tyrone.

He went on: “You talk about anger, and you talk people not knowing the facts, of course, people don’t know the facts because no one has talked about anything. When there is a vacuum of information, as there was from the Tyrone camp, what comes into the vacuum is misinformation, false narrative and innuendo.”

You can catch the showdown between Spillane and Cavanagh below.

Black Card

Post match Cavanagh and Spillane continued their arguing with Cavanagh taking issue with the black cards.

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