“The inter-county season is very condensed” – Conor Whelan questions split season

“The inter-county season is very condensed” – Conor Whelan questions split season

Conor Whelan adds to the split season debate.

Last week, Limerick senior hurler Darragh O’Donovan criticised the split season, causing a lot of debate across the country.

“Take TJ Reid, for example,” said O’Donovan. “He has played the whole 12 months the last two years with no real break.

“You see it with the Derry lads there, like Conor Glass, it’s hurting the elite players. But it’s hurting the club players as well.”

O’Donovan, however, is far form the only intercounty hurler unsure about the condensed structure.

One of those players is Galway senior hurler Conor Whelan who explained to this Pundit Arena writer why he agrees with a lot of O’Donovan’s sentiments.

Conor Whelan

Conor Whelan criticises rushed inter-county season.

‘There were parts of what Darragh O’Donovan said where he was right,” said Whelan.

“The likes of your Conor Cooneys, David Burkes and Shane Cooneys have been going around the clock for the last two years, so I don’t think they get much downtime really.’

“I think the inter-county season is very condensed,” he continued. “Obviously players want to play more games.

“There’s definitely room in terms of tweaking the schedule a bit, giving more of a recovery period between the games and allowing players the opportunity to take a breather afterwards.”


For the last two years there has only been a week between the All-Ireland Hurling and Football Finals – something which Whelan finds particularly irritating. 

“I just don’t see what the panic is by having it finished by July,” said the Galwegian.

“I don’t really get that. It almost gets lost by Tuesday of the following week.

“Then maybe sometimes it takes away from the coverage. I think the build-up to the All-Ireland final definitely deserves at least three weeks.’

‘It’s a very complex argument and every player will have different views.’

The corner-forward finished by expressing his feelings about the league season and how it has lost some importance in recent years. 

“Then obviously you have the issue with the league and [how] it has lost its weight because the inter-county season is so condensed and you’re already playing so many matches that the league isn’t what it used to be. ‘

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