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Half Her Life In Blue – Lyndsey Davey On Considering Dublin Future

Three-time All-Ireland winner Lyndsey Davey first played for the Dublin senior team when she was just 14 years of age. She is now 28. Davey has almost uniquely spent more of her life on the Dublin panel, than not.

Two weeks ago in front of over 50,000 fans in Croke Park, Davey and the Dublin Ladies, defeated Cork to retain their All-Ireland crown.

“It’s been great,” begins Davey. “I think it probably took a while for it to settle in, the achievement that we had with the two-in-a-row. It definitely has sunk in now, it’s great.”

Two in a row is undoubtedly a fantastic achievement for Mick Behan’s side. After three consecutive All-Ireland final defeats to Cork, it would’ve been easy for Dublin to let the psychological aspect of loss get to them. Davey outlined, however, that the mindset going into the final was “just another game.”

“I suppose afterwards you’re probably saying that but when you’re in the moment you’re solely focusing on what you need to do. We never built it up, that it was for the two-in-a-row or Dublin v Cork again.

“In our heads it was game six and we were trying to work on what we had done wrong or even to improve on our performance against the likes of Galway in the semi-final.

“In the second half, there was a time when our performance slacked and we knew going into the final that this was where we needed to work on and improve. I suppose that was our driving factor for the final. “

At Croke Park, Davey’s experience shone through on numerous occasions, but none more so than her tremendous work to win Dublin’s 18th-minute penalty.

The Skerries Harps forward, however, is well aware that she is coming towards the twilight of her Dublin career. After 14 years on the panel, Davey explains she has “big questions to answer” over the winter.

“For me, I’m just going to have to see what the winter brings,” said Davey.
“I’ve been playing for a long time. I have big questions to answer as the winter goes on. After Christmas, you’ll probably start having the conversations with Mick about going back. Hopefully, he will be back as well.

“The ambition with the team is to drive it on. There’s no point doing so well and just everyone walking away. You want to drive it on and achieve what you can when you can. It is something that I need to sit down and have a chat about.”

Lyndsey Davey was speaking at AIG Insurance’s head office in Dublin to mark Dublin’s All-Ireland wins.

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