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Mannion Believes Mark Is Too Much Reward For “Such A Basic Skill”

Paul Mannion doesn’t see the advanced mark having much of a positive impact on Gaelic football as it is “too much reward for such a basic skill.”

After being trialled in last year’s Allianz Football League, the new rule was implemented ahead of the 2020 season. Forwards are now able to avail of a free shot at goal if they clean catch a 20-metre kick pass inside the opposition’s 45-metre line.

Speaking at eir Sport’s Allianz League 2020 launch, Mannion admitted that he wasn’t a fan of the new rule during its trial period last year and not much has happened since to change his way of thinking.

mannion advanced mark

“I was not a fan of it last year in the league. I’m still not a fan of it,” Mannion said.

“I appreciate the intent behind it – I see what they’re trying to do but I just don’t think it will have the desired effect. I think what’s actually going to happen is teams looking for small, easy 30 yard passes that shouldn’t be rewarded with such an easy shot on goal.

“If it’s a big, booming crossfield kick pass and it’s caught magnificently out of the air, sure, I can see [the merit in that being rewarded]. That’s why I’m sure the rule was brought in to encourage but I just don’t see that happening.

mannion advanced mark

“In the league, there were far too short passes that were not spectacular, that would have happened anyway, that were then rewarded with a shot on goal.

“It was too much reward for such a basic skill. I don’t see it having that much of a positive impact.”

The five-time All-Ireland winner believes there are other ways to tweak the game, however, he does admit he could be wrong after having a certain degree of scepticism surrounding the kick-out mark when it was introduced.

mannion advanced mark

“There are other ways you can tweak the game without having to bring in a mark like that.

“A good Gaelic football game doesn’t need any rule changes. It just seems to be too rash and forced a rule to bring in. It’s a shame.

“Look, I could be wrong. I remember being sceptical about the kick-out mark and that’s turned out to be quite positive.”

The triple All-Star recipient believes it’s tough on defenders and that the introduction of an advanced mark might empower teams to pack out their defence.

mannion advanced mark

“It’s a different one for defenders. Teams are getting more defensive instead of going and gambling, trying to punch and break a ball away.

“They can concede a mark instead of leaving themselves vulnerable for a goal. It’s a really tricky one for defenders to manage. It could have the oppositive effect with teams putting more people behind the ball to just clog up defences.

“Previously, a kick pass into the corner might not have caused any danger if the forward still had his back to goal. It will be interesting to see what happens.”

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