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Horgan Not Keen On Hurling As He Enjoys Watching Brady & O’Sullivan

patrick horgan

Across the pond, the hot topic of conversation in American sports is whether or not Tom Brady’s tenure with the New England Patriots may be coming to an end. 

Widely regarded as one of, if not the, greatest player in NFL history, Brady’s 20-year stint in Boston looks like it’s over amid rumours of a dispute with long-time coach Bill Belichick.

patrick horgan

On this side of the pond, one sporting icon is hoping that Brady, Belichick and co can settle their differences before going in search of a seventh Superbowl ring in 2020.

Cork star, Patrick Horgan, is a long-time fan of the New England Patriots and has been to Gillette Stadium to see them play on multiple occasions.

A big NFL fan, Horgan feels that the sport of American Football produces the best athletes in the world.

patrick horgan

“I’m a Patriots fan. Tom Brady, yeah.

“I don’t know whether he’s gonna stay or go, hopefully, he stays. I try to go over and see the Patriots once a year for the last five years.

“I just like to see the athletes that they are, I don’t understand looking at the stats or try to replicate what they do.

“It’s nuts, just their speed and their power, it’s unreal. Just their combine there the last couple of weeks.

“The lifting, sprinting – they’re probably the best athletes in the world.”

patrick horgan

When it comes to his own sport, however, Horgan admits he doesn’t watch much hurling.

For him, playing is enough. He does, however, enjoy watching Gaelic football, particularly, Dublin as well as snooker but only if Ronnie O’Sullivan is on the television.

“Nah, I don’t watch it [hurling] at all. Playing is enough. I just don’t enjoy watching it.

patrick horgan

“I’d watch the football if it was certain teams. If Dublin are playing I’d watch them like because just seeing them is enough, the way they go about it and stuff. But that’s basically it yeah.

“Snooker, I’d watch a bit of snooker if Ronnie was playing.”

Between Tom Brady and Ronnie O’Sullivan, it’s clear that Horgan enjoys watching the cream of the crop doing what they do best.

patrick horgan

They say game recognises game, Brady is one of the best passers in the NFL, O’Sullivan one of the top stickmen in snooker and Horgan one of the deadliest free-takers in hurling.

You would think to get to the level that these athletes are at, it would come with a lot of practice.

Only, Horgan admits he doesn’t actually practice free-taking all the much.

patrick horgan

“I actually don’t practice them that much.

“I would have practised a lot more before but I think it’s just I have a routine and good or bad I’ll stick to it and I think that’s probably the key to it.

“I’m not going to change anything up for the sake of it, just try and keep that rhythm more than anything.”

patrick horgan

Another thing the three men have in common is that they are all widely regarded as one of the greatest players of a generation in their chosen field.

Only, Horgan doesn’t see it that way either. Being known as the best isn’t something that registers with the Glen Rovers sharpshooter. So long as he’s enjoying his hurling he’s happy out.

“I’ve never heard it before [that’s he’s possibly the best player of this generation].

“It’s not something I’d be too interested in. It doesn’t bother me much, all I want to do is enjoy myself playing and that’s the big win for me like if we’re training every day and I can be happy with it do you know what I mean?

“Staying happy playing hurling is all I want, to be in any of these conversations is not really a thing.”

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